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Outdoor portrait

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    • By v.tsivas
      Hello everybody, question about S 007 vs M10R + 50mm APO.
      So I’ve had many Leica cameras and I’ve come down to loving the 006. I love everything about it but obviously I can’t shoot in low light situations. So I’m thinking about going either for the 007 or the M10R as I already have the 50mm APO. 
      Those of you you’ve had experience with both, which one would you recommend?
      Important things for me: image character  , dynamic range & colors. I know that the 007 doesn’t have a similar color palette to the 006 but I’m considering it as it might be a good option for low light situations.
      Thank you!
    • By Milan_S
      A little background of myself, I earn my money by taking portraits and having multiple M systems and lenses I always carry a MF system because I love the rendering for my staged photoshoots. I started with an S2, tried the S006 and upgraded my S2 to a S007. I was always very happy with my S007 but I often struggled with the 100mm f2 for focus and I believed the Mirrorless MF system would fulfill my needs better. After having test the Fuji (which was a piece of plastic and the colors and rendering were far off the S line) I loved the look and feeling of the Hasselblad X1D so I got rid of my S007 with 100mm f2 but kept my Summarit-S 70mm CS in the hope that the S3 would one day be released. The X1D was light, felt good in the hand, has sharp lenses with leaf shutters and has a moveable focus point and performed well at high resolution. In the beginning it was a honey moon I but after a while I started to miss the OVF and mature feeling of the S line and the lenses (although X1D lenses are very sharp) the XCD 45mm and XCD 90mm never gave me the rendering of the S lenses. The X1D also frustrated me of the short battery life, the feeling of a prototype often the focus point didn't move correctly and the interface was buggy even after all the latest firmware updates. 
      Today I found a demo model S007 in a new condition and grabbed it I will shoot it the following time with only the 70mm CS lens but I might slowely add the 100mm f2.0 (which I stupidly sold) or maybe a 120mm CS. 
      Some might call the S as we know it will be the end but I believe the S system will be a classic camera a true Leica cult camera. 
      Attached some photos of my shoots with the S...

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By KdB
      Here's the story of a photographer who thought Leica was a serious camera company who cares about their trustful customers.
      My name is Kaïs, french photographer based in Paris, France.
      I started my Leica journey with a M9, ten years ago, sold and upgraded with a M9-P
      A Monochrom (version 1) quickly followed him all of them bought brand new.
      Wanting to get my hands on a "real Leica", I bought a M6 Titanium set with its Summicron 35/1.4.
      The medium lust was too hard to resist: a S2 with a Summarit 70 joined my stable.
      Let's add a wide angle to my S system: a brand new Summarit 35.
      Time has past, I added a M7 (0.58 finder), a Q Titanium, a Monochrom version 2, a M5, an Elmarit 90/2.0, a Summicron 50, a Summarit 35/2.4...
      We are talking about minimum 44 500€ (including the S007)!!!!!
      Then, the problems begun: both my M9-P and Monochrom I had a sensor failure (cracked sensor).
      How come a "pro" camera could have a sensor cracked?
      During my carreer, I owned a 5DmkII, a D3x, a Df, a 5DmkIV (I'm still using today) that NEVER failed me, NEVER.
      Anyways, Leica has been kind enough to replace both sensors for free.
      When the S007 came out, I was tempted to upgrade my aging S2.
      At my usual Leica dealer, they kindly checked my S2 before it goes on sale and discovered a corroded sensor!
      Come on! A third failure from a so serious comapany? I must be the unluckiest photographer on earth then.
      Still, I upgraded to a reconditioned mint grade SOO7, checked by Leica with a one year guarantee.
      During my second shooting, the 70 started to rattle from time to time, missing focus lock.
      Of course, my poker face never let any worries showed to my clients.
      Back home, I uploaded the photos into Capture One and got struck by what I have discovered (picture attached).

      I thought my memory card failed (I exclusively use hi-speed Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro SD).
      I tried with different cards, same problem.
      The DNGs are available if requested.
      I met the people of Leica at Paris Salon de la photo (photoshow) and, after hours of friendly chat, they acknowledged that there was a video card failure.
      Wait a second. Are we talking about Leica's flagship camera here?
      The one that is supposed to compete with a Hasselblad HD6-50 or a PhaseOne XF???
      A failure after less than 2000 photos taken? Is this german so-called excellence?
      Since November 8th, 2018 my SOO7 is at the customer service (I hope) and I have NO NEWS from them!!!
      How come a pro photographer can trust such miserable products?????
      How come my 2400€ 5DmkIV works like a charm after litteraly thousands and thousands of photos???
      How come it takes 10 days max to Canon to fix and upgrade the firmware of their pro camera when I have been waiting 6+ months to get any information from
      I'm over with this overrated brand. 
      Keep on releasing limited edition for rich Qataris and Russians and let the pros (Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Fuji, to name a few) run the photography
      SHAME ON YOU Leica to ignore and disrespect your loyal customers!!!
      We made you, never forget that.
      I sent them a letter and I know the drill: they will send me apologies.
      But I'm not paying for apologies!!! I don't need them!!! I'm paying for equipment that pays my bills and feed me!

      Today, I'm waiting to get my hands back on my S007 to trade it for a Hasselblad H6D-50c.
      I am so disappointed by Leica...

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    • By Coppereye1960
      OK - I’m heavily into the M system with an M240, M Monochrom, M3 and the delightful Q. I also have a range of lenses including 3 50mms.
      I do some macro and fashion work which I use Medium Format - a Pentax 645D.
      The images from the Pentax are great but I call it the hedgehog as it has lots of buttons and dials and it takes me a good 30mins to work out the buttons. So I have decided to change for something which follows the Leica simplicity.
      There seem to be a couple of options with the S system the 006 and 007. I prefer the CCD sensor ( ISO range isn’t a problem as I work with lights ). I like the idea of staying with Leica but I have seen a couple of posts which say the S both the 006 and 007 are unreliable and it has been suggested that the Hasselblad X1D -50C might be a better bet.
      I’d be keen to hear members views on reliability of the S and if anyone has played with the X1D
    • By ZHNL
      What you want for next S? I start another topic now because market change quickly in last few years, competition from 35mm system and other medium format digital move very fast.
      Here are the lists of mine:
      Must have (For me or for market need):
      1. Mirrorless is fine as long as it can make it cheaper, smaller and attract more customers, but it has to offer lag free shutter and at least as good as SL EVF with fast refresh rate. This is essential.  I believe Leica will make it right given how much effort it give to S's OVF and SL's EVF. 
      2. If it is not a Mirrorless, I won't be disappointed. Please reduce the weight of the camera and maybe reduced size a little bit as well, I feel the grip is on the large side to feel truly comfortable to hold.  I am sure it will make it more competitive by reduce size and weight. 
      3. Please offer full articulated LCD, it will save my knee for low angle shooting or even on tripod shooting. If not, at least a flip LCD. I think this is a important feature for modern digital camera. 
      4. IF it stay as a OVF SLR camera, please offer fully electric shutter, even read out is slow. It is very important to be able to hand hold at slower shutter speed without mirror slap. It will also help for tripod shooting. 
      5. make it at least 60M. No further comment on this, I personally don't need pixel, but considering it has to be competitive for next 5 years, it better offer more than 50M.
      Nice to have: 
      1: more AF point, smaller AF point size if it is a OVF camera. For EVF, I am sure it will offer more. 
      2. Sensor have similar DR as other medium format digital as good as Sony chip, I wish they can simply use Sony sensor with 16 bits flow. maybe a wild dream. 
      3. If it is a EVF camera, maybe make it 4:3 format than 3:2 (I like this format more and we can simply use Sony chip. cheaper!) Another wild dream. 
      4. if it is an OVF camera, improve shutter and mirror impact. This is another very important not on paper spec. 
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