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Leica T … tool camera

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The point is that being able to see the camera settings when the camera is off allows you to either set them and/or check them as you reach for the camera. If you can utilise that feature it can be useful, sometimes. Again. I'm not saying it's better, just different and something some people appreciate over an interface that's hidden until the camera is powered up. In my user case It's something on the M I use and am glad to have.




p.s. Not expecting to impress. Took that photo on request from my daughter as we were talking about what newer gear was going to replace some older stuff and had the gear out to sort what was staying and what was going. I don't collect. Most of my cameras are required to pay their way. However I think it does confirm that when I compare X to Y I do so from actual experience not 5 seconds in a camera shop.

I totally agree. Lot of armchair critics who just play with a camera at the store, never buy, then bash it on forums. True experience is only way to really know what works well and appreciate it. If I had both space and a lot more money, perhaps I might have as many choices at my disposal. How do you manage battery charging?

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How do you manage battery charging?




I built a charging station some time ago. It's a medium sized hard case that has provision to charge 8 x AA batteries and several cameras at a time plus USB cables for cameras and devices that charge off USB. Fuji, Sony, Pentax, Canon etc are handled by a Watson multi charger and plates and Leica with four original chargers held in place with velcro. I also have a smaller one for travel and one for charging my large drone system (which is where I got the original idea).


I really wish Leica would make a 2 or four battery charger for the SL. They really need one for us working slobs. Or Watson plates for Leica would be nice.


Once I'm done with my cull life will be somewhat simpler......



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