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    • By frame-it
      could possibly be interesting to use
    • By Herr Barnack
      Here's "the book" on Ferrania's P30 Alpha B&W film:
      I still need to order a batch of P30 and give this film a try; from the P30 based images I have seen posted online, it looks like an outstanding film. 
      I like the author's comment on film photography as a process:  "Film photography is a process from pre-visualization to hanging that final print."
    • By Herr Barnack
      Another film company has come back from the abyss!  
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      Ferrania P30 panchromatic B&W film (ISO 80) will be available beginning in mid-February.  The images posted on the company's website that were made with this emulsion look really great.  I am looking forward to ordering a couple of bricks of P30 and giving it a try.
      And -
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