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12mm Super-Wide Heliar on SL


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Thanks, thighslapper.  The first (screwmount) and second (M-mount) 12mm/f5.6 are supposed to be the same optical formula.  The third version of the 12mm/f5.6 seems to be different, with a more retro-focus-like design.  I presume that by "Current", you mean version 3.  Correct?  Thanks



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Hello Guy,


I bought all three Voigtlander ultra-wides, 10, 12 and 15mm, last versions (v. III for both the 12 and 15mm). I also has version I of the 12mm, the screw-mount one that you also have. The last version of the 12mm is night and day better than v. I. Much sharper deep into the corners, no colour cast to be seen, almost distortion-free, great built. If you do landscape photography like I do, you can even use 100mm filters with it through the Vietnamese Bombo adapter


Highly recommended. I ended up selling the 12mm and keeping the 10 and 15mm since they were too close to each other to keep them all. 


Best regards,



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