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a little help with video on the SL please


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I use my SL mostly, if not to say exclusively, for photography. Mostly portraits. I don't know much about video.


So now we got a new horse and I want ocasionally make some short clips. My first attempts with AF were a failure, I don't know if it's me or the camera (I think it's me).


So what AF-settings would you suggest to start with? The set are four horses, two all black (seems impossible to focus them in AFc without hunting AF) which should be captured in the movement. Any idea?


thank you!

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I recall super 8, i could use it as a kid and produce passable results, size of individual frame was so minuscule.


Today I would suggest iPhone; if its good for recording braking news world wide it should be good for any novice video operator.


Full frame sensor is OK if you have Steven Spielberg's production team on your side.

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Just finished this short in-line skating clip: https://vimeo.com/222254926

Shot with the SL, with the Minolta 58/1.2, Minolta 24/2.8 and CV 15/4.5

I used a shoulder rig made by Vocas with a follow focus. I used the 24 and the 15 with a Glidecam, without a follow focus.

The prep shots were shot in 24P and the action shots in 120.

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The way the skater brings his outside foot forward so close to the other foot makes this look like a way for a speed (ice) skater to stay in tune during the summer months.  Are the two sports done by the same people?  Anyway, it's an interesting short video.



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Hi Scott,


Yes, absolutely. I prefer the wheels to my blades, but the technique is more or less the same. The thing is that with in-line skating there's almost unlimited grip, whereas on ice the placement of the foot is very critical. Most speed skaters train on bikes during the summer, also to prevent that a less than optimal technique get in their 'systems'.


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