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I just acquired a VLUX 114 for mainly travel, zoo, etc everywhere where more reach than my m10 and 135 can get.


I do have a SF-40 flash which I use on my M10 sometimes, as well as a Skyport trigger from Elinchrome in the studio, these work perfectly on the M.


I was rather taken aback to see that NEITHER work on the VLUX 114! I can put the Elinchrome trigger on the mount of the VLUX. The SF-40 will not fit.


Occasionally I would like to use wireless flash and I am now at a loss currently to know how to achieve this with the VLUX and my current flash equipment.


In the studio it is Dlite RX-4 heads and Elinchrome EL-Skyport Speed. Obviously the SF-40 won't work unless I can buy some sort of adaptor for the connection to the VLUX?


Haven't been able to find any information yet.

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If you were in or near New York I'd send you to one of several places for help, including photography shops and a Leica store.  Perhaps you can do likewise in Switzerland?

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Yes I emailed my friendly Leica store in Zurich. I tried everything but depressing the unlock button on the SF-40 flash. So that flash I can now say works. However, one has to exert more pressure than I like to think is normal to either put the flash on or take it off.


This tip came to me from the Leica Store Zurich.


However am as yet not able to use the Elinchrom EL-Skyport Speed on the camera, I have not yet tried the SF-40 and the Elinchroms together but that should work. In which case I can just not use the Skyport when using the Vlux.

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Update: problem solved. I bought a new EL-Skyport Plus which as I was told is the newest version of the my old E-Skyport-Speed.


To begin with the M-10 worked with both and still does. But the Vlux 114 worked with neither. So the shop reset the Vlux and then we tried again. The new EL-Skyport Plus worked perfectly the older E-Skyport-Speed still does not work on the Vlux.


I have since gone through and reset a load of options on the Vlux to get it back how I had it set up before. Both cameras now work with the new Elinchrom Skyport but only the M10 works with both old and new transmitter.


End of story.

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