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Leica M10 oe MMI os MMII or MD


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If you were on M240 and u were happy with it (color and Black&white both at your finger tips) then M10 is the One. If B&W is all you gonna shoot and wont miss the color then M246.

Look at your archives if its only B&W u got ... just go for M246 and call it a day [emoji4]




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Tough decisions!


If it were me, I'd be thinking do I want an M240 based camera, or the slimmer, newer and apparently much improved M10. For me, the M10 would be my preference.


Then, I'd ask myself do I want a monchrome sensor, do I want an LCD? Tough choices. Much like Thighslapper, I've reduced my gear (though I've kept my version 1 Monochrom and M-A). I suspect Leica has both Monochrom and M-D versions of the M10 coming, so I would hold out for one of those. For now, why not look around for a second hand version 1 Monochrom and see what happens? You can then sell it later, and not lose much.


I'd hold out for the M10 version of the M-D. I suspect it's going to be brilliant - no LCD, compatible with the EVF and WiFi enabling remote control. All my M cameras have been silver chrome - this one, black paint. Mmmm

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When I got my M10, I sold both my M9-P and MM. Don't miss the MM at all: I like the B&W results from the M10 better, and I have the flexibility of using the digital filters in Silver Efex.


Actually, I start by applying in Lightroom a VSCO preset (L - Fuji Neopan 1600 -), though zeroing out the grain situation: this gives a low-contrast starting image — the way you would use a low contrast negative in the darkroom — and then increase the contrast and adjust the gradation. I then either complete this image in LR or use it to see the direction that I want to go in Silver Efex, which I use when I want a rather hight contrast look.


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one year ago stolen my M240. Now I would like buy a new Leica M but I can not decide. M10, MM, M246 or MD? I shot 95% blackandwhite.

What do you think?


Monochrome series have good dynamic range in shadows,on the other hand highlight recovery is almost nonexistent. Just like shooting positive film you need to be very careful finding the correct exposure, even then you may not be getting what you may need during processing . M10 is an overall safe bet. I've been using one for the last 3 months and it's the only digital Leica I haven't had a serious issue with. Got rid of the MM (M9M) a long time ago because of the slow buffer. Although they fixed the buffer problem with the M246 and provided excellent higher ISO capability the blown highlights problem remained. I do miss what MM offered on a gray day at  200 ISO. Truly looking forward to see how MM10 will perform on a partly cloudy day. Until then I am not touching another Leica Monochrom.

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