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Lens for Milky Way photography?


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This Milky Way project I have coming is still a few months off, but since I'm planning to sell my Fuji X-T2 along with the 14mm F2.8 (21mm equivalent) I decided to ask this question now.


Would an M10 with the 21mm F3.4 SE suffice to replace the above Fuji gear?      I have a feeling both these lens are about equal on a tripod and also the M10 is full frame, if one is not enough the other is probably not enough too.


I'm planning to learn more about night sky or astrophotography in the next few months, but appreciate the shortcut in making this decision.



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For the Milky Way you want wide and fast with no coma or smearing wide open. I think the 1.4/21 might be okay, but for that cost you might as well buy a dedicated SLR setup for it and save some cash. There are plenty of threads in other fora (or is it forums?) that detail the best options, and I don't think I've ever seen Leica mentioned in them... You might be able to adapt a lens?

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Of the many I have tried, the Fuji seemed to be the best to me. I still use an old X-E1 for astro, either with a couple of Pentax 67 lenses, or the Fuji ones.


A while back I compared a 35 Summicron M and the Fuji 35/1.4 and the Fuji to me was way better.


Why not just keep the X-T2?


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Whats the point of Milky way without some earthly scenery in the foreground. This makes equatorial mount useless. You need faster (> f2), wider (> 28mm) and cleaner (clean air and no light pollution) for the best job.


The one below is from M240, 15 CV 4.5 (ver II) and is barely adequate for the job. I have a feeling that you will get better results with your M10 + 21mm F3.4 SE (mainly because of +2 stop noise ceiling).


BTW, M platform is not ideal for night sky because i) limitation on max exposure time and ii) mandatory NR processing. You may be better off buying an old Canon 5D with a UWA prime lens.


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