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M4 Frame Line Issue

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I need some advice from the experienced experts out there.


I found a good deal on an M4 and bought it off eBay.

It has a later M4-2 back door, but otherwise is in very good shape, albeit a little dirty.

You can tell the previous owners used the heck out of it by the wear of the strap lugs.

I ran a test roll of film and the shutter speeds seem to be in order, but I'll know more when I get the negatives back.

The viewfinder was clear and the rangefinder precise.

So far so good.


After testing it, I found that the frame line selector didn't work and the lines themselves were suspect.


The picture below shows the viewfinder with a 35 attached.

You can see the 50 frame lines peeking through.


This picture shows the M4 with a 50mm lens.

It looks cleaner and shows the proper 50 lines but you can also see the 35 lines.


The last pic shows it with a 90mm.

It shows the 50mm frame lines again! No 90mm frame.


Does this look like something that can be fixed with a proper CLA or something more sinister?

I'll be able to recoup the cost if I had to get rid of it because it really was inexpensive.

And if it is just something cosmetic, I may just use the 35 and 50 on it and not worry about it.


Thank you all in advance.

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The selector on my M6 sticks a little because it always had a 35mm on it and doesn't get a workout (and probably needs a service). Before sending it off, just move the lever around for 30 min or so. If the lever won't move then you'll need to swap lenses, a 35mm and a 90mm will cover the whole range and it will take longer than 30 min.

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The 90mm frameline comes up after mounting the lens and leaving it on for a minute. It definitely is just something sticking together from lack of use. A CLA will fix it I think. Thanks everyone for your help.

Keep doing it, if it took a minute the first time, see how long it takes the 10th time. You probably don't need to spend money on this.

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