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Voting for the Australasian One Challenge ends on Sunday 21, 2017.

Vote now, if you haven't already.

An intrepid group of photographers from around the world descended on Melbourne, Australia last April and participated in a One Challenge competition. For the uninitiated, it involved declaring their gear (camera, lens, ISO, etc) in advance, before knowing what they would be shooting. Despite the 'Challenge' of using only one set of gear, with a time restriction applied also, they set forth to see what they could capture within the time allocated.


To see their efforts, follow the links below for the DAY challenge and the NIGHT challenge.







Each thread has a link to the VOTING thread and I invite ALL Forum members to vote BEFORE the end of this coming Sunday. Please strictly follow the listed voting pattern to make my job of vote counting easy.

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    • By erl
      Please record your votes here for the Barnack Challenge #33.
      3 points for your first choice
      2 points for your second choice
      1 point for your third choice
      (No voting for your own image.)
      Maximum number of points will be the winner of the title and prize money. (Usually donated to the winners selected charity)
      Image/post # 35, (Title), 3 points
      Image/post # 94, (Title), 2 points
      Image/post # 21, (Title), 1 point
      You MUST vote for three images, otherwise your vote will be discounted.
      Voting is now open and will continue until Sunday, December 3, 2017.
      (For your easy reference, this is a link to the image thread.https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/278572-post-your-entries-here-for-barnack-challenge-33-seen-through/ )
      Suggestion: Open it in a separate browser window so you can easily flip back and forth from the images to the voting thre
    • By erl
      Here are the entries for the Australasian One Challenge (Day Competition).
      There are 17 final submissions. Four entries have not been received. If your entry was sent and does not appear here, please PM me immediately.
      I have posted the entries in the order of receipt, with my own entry randomly placed somewhere.
      The voting thread will be opened shortly, after I have finished posting all entries, which needs to be be done individually. I will post a link to the voting thread when it is opened.
      Look and enjoy!
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