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Newfie with a Summer-Trim


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Through hard work and sacrifice Lady went from 152 lbs to 136 lbs during the past four months, as ordered by her Doc.

Her reward, besides healthy hips, was a trip to the beauty shop for the swimming  and tick season  

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Michael, Platypus, and Tom,


The photo doesn't do her justice because she is black as coal. The shaving seems to have been hard on her self esteem and confidence. She was very needy last night and spent most of her night laying right next to me. We have noticed this with other Newfies in our past. I guess I would feel the same. Thank you for your comments. They get over it in a few days.

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Thanx Stuart

Brent: we have a compound of lake cabins full of cousins etc. six cases of lunes diseases do few ericiitoliosis sp ha!

One of my nephews got his lunes 15 years ago and still suffers neurologically. He is marrie with kids and a lawyer but his life has been affected very seriously.

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