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Menu items missing on Dlux Typ 109

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While looking through my menu on my Dlux Typ 109, to make a few adjustments I noticed that the "Custom" menu function only had 3 items in it.  At first I thought it was only showing me the last 'page', but no, that's all there is.  The only 3 items in the "Custom"  menu are; Silent Mode; Guide Line; Remaining Disp.


On closer examination it appears there are random menu items missing throughout the entire menu.


Where did everything go?  Has anyone had this issue and is there a fix?  Or is it a box and back to Leica?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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I answered my own question.  Not feeling to bright here at the moment.

I had inadvertantly set the camera in full auto "A".  Taking it off automatic fixed the (none) problem.


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