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VOTE HERE for Australasian One Challenge - Day Competition

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Please record your votes here for the Day Challenge.


3 points for your first choice

2 points for your second choice

1 point for your third choice

(No voting for your own image.)

Maximum number of points will be the winner of the title and prize money. (Usually donated to the winners selected charity)



Image/post # 35, (Title), 3 points

Image/post # 94, (Title), 2 points

Image/post # 21, (Title), 1 point


You MUST vote for three images, otherwise your vote will be discounted.


Voting is now open and will continue until Sunday, May 21.

(For your easy reference, this is a link to the image thread. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/272093-voting-australasian-one-challenge-day-competition/)

Suggestion: Open it in a separate browser window so you can easily flip back and forth from the images to the voting thread.

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Dear Challenge friends,

thanks for providing a very nice set of pictures, is was difficult to make the choice:

So here are my 3 winners:

Nr 1, so 3 points go to "Holding his head up"

2 points go to Alley cats

1 point to NGV



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Wonderful to see the very different moments and vision in all of the entries.
Well done everyone. Let's do it again soon.
I had to cull my six winners down to this list.

Post # 2, (Wild Heart), 3 points

Post # 13, (Holding His Head Up), 2 points

Post # 16, (Lest We Forget), 1 point

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Quite a choice - sometimes I wonder, whether we should introduce more than three votes, but here it goes -


Image # 17 (Music Moves The Monster *), 3 points

Image # 9, (Riding On The Rocks), 2 points

Image # 18, (Alley Cats), 1 point




* But it won't fit though ;)

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Thank you John and Melanie for all the hard work that went into producing such a fun and successful event. It has been difficult to choose between the submitted entries. My votes are:


3 points: Lunchtime DJ

2 points: Plus One

1 point: Lest we Forget

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   # 13   Holding His Head Up    -    3 Points


   # 16   Lest We Forget             -     2 Points


   # 12   Plus One                      -     1 Point

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Thanks for organising a great weekend John.


My votes are


#12  Plus One        3 points

#18 Alley Cats       2 points

#7   Street Dining   1point

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I'm hoping my big fingers will not hit the wrong keys again.

Day challenge 

#2  Wild heart

#11 Lunchtime DJ

#17 Music moves the monster


Night challenge

#1 Cigarette break

#10 Visiting View

#8 Nocturnals


Kangaroo 2012


The text in RED is for the NIGHT challenge and was posted here by Kankaroo2012.

The highlighting is mine and I have copied it over to the NIGHT challenge voting thread so that score compiling can be accurate. - erl.

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