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Barnack's Monthly for May 2017 is: "Darkness"

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Thank you to everyone who took part in April's Barnack's Monthly theme, which was filled with a wonderful array of more than 300 pictures and excellent ideas and interpretations of the theme! Thank you to everyone who helped to make it another successful month by generously posting their pictures and in particular to those people who posted for the first time - I hope you found it an interesting and rewarding experience and I hope it encourages you to share more of your pictures with us!


The Barnack's Monthly theme for May 2017 is: "Darkness"


This month's theme is "Darkness", which could be at night or in low light or a subject in the shadows where the light fears to tread.  We did a similar theme four years ago and it was very popular so here's an opportunity to dust off and post those shots again or find others that you've taken in the meantime - it might even be an opportunity to re-work pictures you've taken before with all the knowledge you've gained since.  


"Darkness" could be a star-lit night, dusk by the Danube, a fox in the shadows behind the bins, a bear having a feast behind a dumpster, late-night party-goers straggling home, a church in the moonlight, twilight over Tuscany, dawn over Duckberg, midnight in Marseilles, the gloaming in Glasgow, nightfall in Nigeria, the gloom in Gdańsk, first light in Firenze, daybreak in Detroit, cockcrow in Córdoba, dim light in Dunedin, darkness in Dargaville, blackness in Baghdad, murkiness in Mumbai, shade in Shaolin, sunrise in Sun City, shadows in Shadowlands, aurora in Argentina, evening in El Paso, midday in winter in Reykjavik, a midnight gathering on park benches, crowds leaving the theatre, a street scene in the small hours, a darkroom, the inside of a cupboard, a car in a poorly-lit garage, a Duesenberg in night time - it's entirely your choice so let your imagination run free!  It would be a help if you give your picture a title so to help us understand your point of view but it's not compulsory. Members have asked if we'd very kindly name the camera and lens used - if you can remember - because it's interesting to know but, again, it's not compulsory just helpful.


The rules are deliberately loose so go out and shoot with this month's theme in mind or start searching back through those pictures you took oh-so long ago that you'd forgotten about and start posting! It doesn't have to be your best ever shot and it's not a competition so you might surprise the rest of us and yourself - it's just about sharing some pictures, seeing others' take on the topic, and enjoying it!

Everybody's welcome to contribute, any interpretation, any number of posts, pictures that have been posted on the forum before, any equipment as long as it and the photo complies with the forum's rules of either camera or lens or both made by Leica. Please post freely - especially newcomers and please remember there's no judging or criticism (good or bad) in this thread. So, if you'd like to show your acknowledgement or appreciation that someone has posted their picture then instead of posting a comment please use the "Thanks" button that you can find at the bottom right of every post.

Please post away and I look forward to seeing your interesting interpretations of this month's theme.


Note: Moderator Pop has very kindly assembled links to all of the past Barnack's Monthly threads as a single archive that can be found here: Barnack's Monthly Index.  Thank you, Pop!


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