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    • By Zero9
      I started with Leica m9 and fell in love with the manual focus, small and discrete of a Leica range finder. However, I have a poor eye sight and always wear glasses. Tried diopter but not really a solution.
      Then I got the m10 along with the evf. Although the evf doesn’t give the same rangefinder experience, I find it easier to focus with evf and magnifying than ovf, especially when shooting at low light or complex subject.
      In terms of lenses, I have the following:
      35mm sim micron 7 elements 
      noctilux 50 1.0 v3
      summilux 50 1.4 asph
      summicron 90 2 apo asph
      With my poor eyesight, the only lens I’m comfortable with while using the ovf is the 50 1.4asph.
      I cannot fully see the 35mm frame line, and the 90mm is like a sniper scope.
      Recently a friend asked me if I want to switch my m10 with his sl2s in addition with some cash. I’m not considering any sl lenses in the near future, so probably just using a adapter along with my m lenses.

      however,  I’m not really sure if the better electronic system and better evf will justify the additional weight and bulky body of a sl?
      any kind of input is appreciated!


    • By dritz
      I purchased this new just a year ago. Barely used. I use my R lenses on an SL, so this is an unnecessary accessory for me.  Sale includes:
      Visoflex 020 base plate Leica nylon pouch box, instructions Lovely leather Art di Mano case (retails for $129 at Leica Store Miami) Shipping is at your expense and must be insured. Import duties at your expense.  Item ships from Seattle, USA.
      High resolution pictures (and more than the 5 permitted here) are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d-te2fFJBZD0tXBS2xf5myb7zlmEFd84?usp=sharing.
      dritz40 (on that auction site)
    • By sml_photo
      Has anyone else had any problems connecting the GPS to the M10 Monochrom?  Most of the time, I see in the rear screen that the GPS icon has an "x" through it...obviously not connected.
      I have the Visoflex connected to the camera and the GPS turned on in the menu. 
      I realize there are areas that pose a problem for GPS connections, but I have tried various types of environments.
      Am I missing something?  I've only had it connect sporadically over the past few weeks. 
    • By Holger1
      Janina Mock, Produkttrainerin der Leica Camera AG, erläutert hier anschaulich die Leica Perspective Control:
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