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M10 - battery test


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Simple test:


1. Recharge the battery to 100%.

2. Turn on Camera.

3. Turn off Auto Power saving and do nothing. (no live view)

4. Check the battery status after one hour.

5. Check the battery status after two hours.

6. etc ...



After an hour the battery shows 80% of charge, after another hour the battery shows 60% of charge.

The battery consumes 1.64Wh per hour. (The full capacity is 8.2Wh.)



The battery consumption depends on the Maestro II processor and the power management process in the camera. Leica could/ should improve the software to better manage the power of the camera. Another option would be to speed up the camera startup to less than 1 second.

The number of taken shots is strongly dependent on the time the camera is turned on.


So, to save energy in the camera, you should set power management for 2 minutes or turn off the camera.



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I've noticed my battery goes down quicker then my M240 when I'm just walking about. I went out at 12 noon the other day. Took 40 shots and the battery was down to 30% by 4pm.


With my M240 I could put it on and forget about it. With the M10 I need to supervise it a bit more ;-)

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Similar test as above for M9.

Within 1.5 hours the camera consumed 25% of the battery power (approximate data, because the reading is not so accurate).
After recalculation we get within one hour 16.5% of battery capacity (20% in M10). The battery in the M9 has a capacity of 6.7Wh which gives us a power consumption of 1.1Wh per hour (1.64Wh in M10).
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I keep power management to 2 hours and under typical use the battery lasts from 1 day to 2 days. With light use it's lasted a week. The batteries are small enough to carry a spare as a back up. I own 3 batteries, two with me while shooting and one in the charger. In the 3 months I've had the camera I've never been in a situation where I didn't have juice.



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