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Tell me about your 24mm 3.8 Elmar

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Looking to purchase a 24mm Elmar. Found a great deal on a new lens. Would like to hear from M240 and other M owners how they like it especially since it will be used primarily on a M240.


Have heard that the new 3.8 is better then the last generation 2.8. The 3.8 has different characteristics and is a little more contrast to it.

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The 24/3.8 is about as good as it gets for a 24mm wide angle. I'm headed to White Sands National Monument in a couple of weeks and will keep the Frankenfinder permanently fixed on top of my M262 as I figure the 24mm and 18mm Elmars will get a large percentage of the work.


Some recent 24mm f3.8 images..





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    • By IntrepidTraveller6
      I have noticed in the two more recent outings with my M240 that i have a lot of dust on my sensor. The attached image is from the most recent outing to see the airshow. The circles are the spot removal I had to do to fix all the dust. As you can see it is substantial. Note that I was stopped down to F22 on a 90mm lens to get the depth needed for the air crafts and people to be in focus. So the dust was more apparent in the image. 
      I have cleaned the sensor with the blower multiple times. I have cleaned the sensor with swab and solution once between the outings. I switch lenses often enough for dust to get in, I expect it to happen. My problem is that after cleaning the sensor so thoroughly I should not have this much dust. It appears that using the blower provides minimal help and the swab basically nothing. 
      Has anyone experienced such persistent dust? Could this be some sort of corrosion on the sensor?
      I am debating sending it in for a repair and service to fix the issue. Has anyone used this service before and has an idea of cost, procedure, and effectiveness in getting a clean sensor back?

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    • By Monochrome_Man
      Hello fellow reddoters
      Is any improvement in GPS functioning after last firmware? Last time, i was checking it was terribly laggy and sometimes exif misses geotag info.
      This made a MFG simple useless for me 😐
    • By strangeboy
      Just took delivery of a sliver M240 from a pretty reputable seller on ebay. The camera has practically no markings on it anywhere except for (see pic).
      I've reached out to the seller, and I'll hear back soon. In the meantime, has anyone ever seen this?

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    • By UltraDan
      So I wanted to offer some advice to anyone considering buying a M240 in 2021. Having just parted with mine I can say that it is a lovely camera that has good image quality, but only good quality, I would compare the quality to a canon 5D Mark 2. I would say that if you are coming from an APSC crop sensor you will really notice and like the image this camera makes however if you are coming from a 5Dmk2/3/4 or any of the last 4 years Sony body's you will be disappointed and probably extremely disappointed with the ISO performance. 
      So on the subject of ISO, 1600 is about max that you'd want to use after that the image deteriorates pretty quick. 
      The camera does offer the Leica rangefinder experience but for me as someone who shoots an M4-P I found it was actually slower to make pictures and this is due to the rear screen that really makes judging the image exposure hard. 
      The camera is also quite a bit wider than my Analog Leica. 
      One huge positive is you can use your STUNNING Leica glass on it and that really helps the image quality. 
      So in summary a beautiful camera that takes some great images but is very much lacking by today's technology standards as you can expect from a camera of this age, my personal opinion is that if you are looking for a digital Leica, you need to be using the current top range of cameras if you are coming from canon/Nikon or especially Sony which is king in image quality and low light performance especially when considering price. 
      I hope this helps anyone deciding wether or not to pull the pin on one. 
    • By clngood
      Hi guys, I bought an M-P last April, and I have been using it ever since, no problem at all. But last Monday, when I was out shooting photos with it, I noticed one strange thing, after I captured a photo, I pressed the "Play" Button to view it, however, that photo was automatically zoomed in, as if I had moved the thumb wheel, but I didn't do that obviously. I don't remember if I ever put my thumb on the thumb wheel, but I was pretty sure I didn't move it. And it occurred only once, I have done some shooting the following day too, but nothing happened.
      So have you guys encountered the same issue? What could be the reason behind it? I sweater often when I'm holding the camera, so could the sweater somehow got into the thumb wheel and caused it to automatically move? Or was is it some CMOS or systematic issue?
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