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Hi, I'm looking for a little help discerning if the Leitz branded case I own is a genuine article as I am unsure of its provenance.

What markings on a genuine Leitz case should I look for?

On the exterior of the case you can see the Leitz Wetzlar red dot on the bottom left. This appears to be a sticker applique, approx 2cm in diameter.

The fastening appears to have the markings [uRNY] / (KA 1907 / {a key?} 1908 / GERMANY

GERMANY is embossed on the base of the case, next to the bottom left foot.

Apart from this, there are no other visible markings on the exterior of the case.


The interior does not have any markings, but is lined with a light grey felt.

I'm not sure which camera or system this case was intended for, so any assistance would be appreciated!




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Unsure about "URNY" but i have two cases like that, one in Nappa with the "Leitz" logo (pic), the other in a thinner leather with a "Leitz Wetzlar" logo like yours. Combination case # 14825 for Leica CL or 14826 for M4-2. 


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Cases jc_braconi is referring to must be Combination cases # 14824 for Leicaflex or 14828 for R3. They are larger (21x11.5x19cm) than 14825 & 14826 for Leica CL & M4-2 (17x16x9cm) if i'm not wrong.

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      Just got one of these last Friday. I'm having a difficult time figuring out the best way to cart it around with me. It's slightly too big to fit in my pocket, yet not quite substantial enough to warrant slinging around my neck with the included neck strap. I have the brown leather case on order, but I'm not sure if I would really use the thing.
      So, how do you choose to carry your D-Lux 4?
      Neck strap or half case?
      Wrist strap and a large coat pocket?
      Belt pouch?
      What works best for you?
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