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Leica M 50mm Summicron (69-70) DEAL? HELP NEEDED?


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Dear Leica Guys.


I think I am close to making a deal with a M-Mount 50mm / 2.0 Summicron from the 69s-79s. The vendor is asking, in my opinion, a very low price (roughly £470). The only issues here which stop me from proceeding with the deal are some marks on the front glass. I think they pretty much look like cleaning marks even though I'm not 100% sure.

Please fin attached some pictures showing the front glass with marks and lens itself.

1.Would you guys still recommend buying this lens if with marks caused by cleaning? 

2.Would those marks (if caused by cleaning) really affect my pictures that much)

3. Is it still a deal?


Many thanks in advance guys.

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Looks more like fungus than cleaning marks i'm afraid but i may be wrong. Advising to buy a faulty lens i something i cannot do anyway. Clean Summicrons # 11817 can be found for less than 1,000 EUR and mint ZM Planar 50/2 can be had for half less.


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I wouldn't call that mark a "cleaning mark", it looks like actual damage / scrape to the front lens element.

Cleaning marks should IMO be almost invisible when looking through the lens and not as opaque as shown in these images.

How much this mark will affect the final image is anyones guess, but that blemish will forever annoy you.


My advice is ... if in doubt, don't.

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