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Leica lens does not work with Leica body but works with Canon w Adapter

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Dear All,

I received two Leica R Lenses today - Leica R 50/2 ROM and 80-200/4 ROM. I tried them with my old Leica R4 and R3 but when I click the shutter, the aperture looks like got stock - looks dark while looking through camera's view finder , it happened with both the R4 and R3 bodies and both the lenses have same problem.


But, I put Leitax mount on each of the lenses and use with my Canon body, they work without any problem. 


A friend of mine thought the ROM version lenses have this issue with older camera but I noticed it is not the case because I used the ROM version of my Leica R 35/2 lens with the old bodies as above and it works fine.


I am confused now.


Can somebody tell me what the problem could be?


Thanking you in advance. 

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Do they work as normal (not with the Leitax mounts attached) on any other R bodies?

My fist thought was the aperture mechanism tired, or sticking? Changing the mount to Leitax may be allowing the mechanism to free up?


I tried them with my R4 and R3, and they give the problem with both the bodies as above. I do not have other bodies at this moment.

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Many thanks friends. The lenses were brought to repair but the expert who repairs says they are 100% ok , it is not the lenses but the camera has the problem -


both lenses have been checked and 100% OK. The problem often appears when the pistons that damp the mirror movement in the R cameras need cleaning. Your 35 mm runs a tiny bit lighter, so the problem isn't appearing with this lens-camera combo. Also depends on the chosen aperture

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I had this problem with my Canon 5DSR. When I use my Summicron-R 50mm with no cams, it works on all of my Canon cameras without any problems.  But when I use an Elmarit-R 28mm F/2.8, it works on the older Canon DSLR's, but the mirror hangs and I get an error on the screen.  Sometimes, I just get the error before I even try to take a photo and it's only the Canon 5DSR, not a 6D or other Canon or Sony cameras.


After trying to figure out what could be hanging (I checked the 3 cams on this lens), and I discovered that there is a ring around the interior glass.  If you unscrew that ring, it comes right out and it worked 100% on my 5DSR and all of the other Canon's as well.


Last week I had the ring on and didn't know it, but when I tried to take some photos with the Canon 5DSR, I immediately got an error as soon as I turned on the power.  I didn't see that it was the ring because it's black and blends into the rest of the internal structure of the lens.  However, as soon as I discovered that it was there and I unscrewed the ring, the camera took photos fine w/o the mirror hanging up and w/o the errors.


Something to think about.

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