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Size of SF26D vs older SF24D Flash?

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For those who have used both the older Leica SF24D flash and the newer SF26D flash, how much smaller is the new one.  The dimensions aren't listed consistently on the websites I've checked.  I would like the smallest flash that works on the Leica M10 for travel, and I currently own the SF24D.  It works fine for me.  Is the SF26D smaller?  Are their other, smaller flashes that work?  Thank you.

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The SF26 is noticably smaller than the SF 24. Maybe 30% smaller. It also takes AAA batteries versus CR123's and it has a limited bounce function. You can also use FEC on the SF26 via the camera but not on the SF24. AFAIK the SF26 is the smallest TTL flash available for a Leica M. The SF26 is made by Metz and sold by them with other camera mounts so you might get the dimmensions off the Metz site. The SF24 is discontinued.


Personally I prefer the larger but more powerful and more functional SF40 (a rebadged Nissin i40). A great little flash that balances nicely on the M.



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