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My other camera is a (fill in blank)

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well, actually my M240 is  the "my other camera".

My main one is a Canon 1Dx; then the m240, a Canon G1xmkii for hard and rough backpacking, and the M8 for bright sunny days.

and yes, i take phone snaps on a pinch, but rarely

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Panasonic GX8 + "Leica" lenses,- 15 (=30) Summilux, 25 (=50) Summilux, 50( =100)  Summilux M asph, 100-400 (=200-800) Vario-Elmar, replaces the M240 as a travel an  wildlife camera.   Reasons:   Light, small and  capable long zoom, Good AF and useful features. Very good manual focus Very good EVF Amazing image stabilisation (up to 5 stops, giving easy 800 mm shots @ 60th handheld) Excellent light  "Leica Summilux" lenses Surprisingly capable  20 MP sensor Superior build quality. Ful

Just the same for me.

I have a Ricoh GR that I use instead of a 28mm lens

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At the time of buying my M9 I was starting to invest in a Fuji kit and had an x100 (original) and XE-1 with 18-55mm kit lens. I added to this a raft of adapted lenses, Helios 44-2, a couple of Minolta's, and an Industar plus a Samyang 12mm. I kept the XE-1 just for using these adapted lenses plus for macro using some extension tubes and for telephoto etc. I kept the x100 because I just can't bear to part with it! It drives me mad (AF is just unusable at times) but I do love it... I sold my 18-55 to fund my Summicron and I'm thinking now of selling my Samyang to fund a Voigtlander 15mm for my M9.


so my other camera is... a Fuji x100 and a Fuji XE-1. I also own a few film camera which don't get nearly enough use (Nikon FM2, Olympus 35-SP, Olympus Trip) 

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I would let my picture talk.


Except Yashica T4 and water proof Pentax P&S, everything else is functional. Leica M240 and Sony Nex-6 see most of the use though.

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I have M240 + 50 Lux + 35 cron , Fuji X100T, Go Pro Hero 4


Last week i sold below for a new MP240

- Sony A7R

- Sony A7S 

- Sony A6000

- Olympus OMD - EM 5 Mark 2 

- Lenses: Sony (16-35 F4, 24-70 F4, 70-200 F4,)  14mm F1.8 Rokinon


Does Drone count? I have a DJI Mavic Pro

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Three Canon houses. Two big bags of Canon red-rings. One bag of Canon accessories.



V-Lux 40 




35mm ASPH f/2.4 (2017)

24mm ASPH f/2.8 (1999)

50mm ASPH f/2.0 (on the way...) (2015)




My new main house is a Leica M-P M240

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This is an area not discussed much in Leica forum I guess. Maybe we can start one in general section.


How is your experience?

Leica needs to do a drone.


When it crashes it will surely break your heart.

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Just got my m10 last week and rid of my m240 .


So my other camera is the SL for now ..but don't know for how long . ..always like the M form factor .



I was skeptical about the M10 earlier but am quite pleased with its size ,and weight . It fits nicely in the half case that used to house my film MP (Without the opening for the LCD screen ).

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Pen-F with a few primes and Fuji X-T2 with zoom trinity. 


Also have an M4, MP, Holga and Mamiya C330 for shooting film.


Would be a good thread to list all the GAS attacks you successfully resisted!


I fended off a full blown GFX-50s attack. 

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