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Transferring Select Images to Phone via WiFi

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I recently jumped off the Fuji bandwagon and over to the Q. Working my way through the camera and loving it so far. 


Regarding the WiFi connection/Leica App....I've been able to connect and control the camera, switched over to 'Backup" mode and it worked like a charm.


My question is: Is there a way to transfer only select images from the Q to my iPhone after I shoot? I don't want every shot to jump to my phone which is how 'Backup' seems to work.


When I had my XT2 I was able to simple transfer JPEGS from the camera to my phone, do minor editing and post. 





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It's a shame you can not transfer RAW files from a Q to a iPhone or iPad.  
With the Leica M you can.  This opens up a whole new world.  You can travel with a Leica and portable device.  Then transfer your RAW files and edit on an application like Snapseed!  Quite a powerful and lightweight workflow.

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