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    • By Shanks
      Does anyone know of a way to connect the Q2 to a laptop via wifi? It seems like a big oversight not to be able to transfer photos from my Q2 to my phone but not my machine.
      I work in Lightroom for post and would love to save time and steps.
      Thanks all in advance.
    • By Tim Hazen
      Have connected the camera to my iPhone through the Leica Fotos app. and successfully uploaded some images. Lately, however, the two devices connect, but I am unable to view images in the Fotos app or upload images. Any thoughts/suggestions?
    • By catinhat95
      Hello, first off, just got my first Leica, an M10 the other day and am a new forum member. I look forward to being a member of this group.
      I am trying to set up the wifi on the camera. My camera finds tons of neighborhood wifis but not my home wife. Is that normal? I was, however, able to connect my iPhone to the camera). My network is a WEP network not a WPA. However, none of my other wireless devices (Google home, soundbar, etc) have any trouble finding or connecting to it.
      Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks in advance for the help.
    • By evikne
      I can connect my M10 to a WiFi network, but I can't see any pictures from my camera in Lightroom's import window. The camera appears in the side panel, but there are no images. I have tried formatting the SD card, and I have tried on several WiFi networks. I have also connected my Mac to the camera's own WLAN, but nothing helps.
      Anyone who can help with this? It is not a big deal to put the SD card in the Mac to transfer the files (and probably much faster with many pictures), but at least it would be nice to try out this feature.
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