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Machinist in US for 6-bit milling after passing of John Milich?

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I'm a new M9 user, and want to get my old lenses coded where possible. Most of them are not on Leica's list even if I could pay the $300+ each. I was getting ready to contact JML when I heard he had passed. The only other options I know of are Don Goldberg but I believe he sent the flanges to JML; and Will van Manen in the Netherlands. His current price (for a 28 M-Rokkor, milling and adjusting frame line lug if necessary) Is €120 plus return shipping (to USA) is €157 via UPS, less if to UPS access point but still a lot.


I've ordered a bunch of pre-milled LTM adapters for my screwmount lenses, and flange adapters for the M lenses that have the right screw patterns. 


That leaves out some early M lenses that don't have flange adapters available, including in my case ones that don't have detachable flanges, but where the bayonet is much thicker and is more integral with the mount (no screws on the mating surface, no obvious way to detach):


50mm collapsible Summicron

35mm original Summilux

135mm Elmar


I've tried the template and sharpie method. It worked fine on day 1, but on day 2 the marks had worn off.


Is there a US machinist milling 6-bit pits at the moment?

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