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Nifty Fifty: Please share some 50 mm pictures!

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Dear all


I am quite the average photog. Try this, try that, nice Camera, lovely rendering, tele-lenses, wideangles, sunstars with f11, wide open shots, one or the other pretty decent shot.

But it all boils down to this: For personal work and for the everyday joy of taking some snaps, I always come back to enjoying my 50mm lens. Sometimes I try to convince myself that using the standard focal lenth is supposed to be "boring", uninteresting field of view and all, so I try out different lenses, different shooting styles...


All valid, of course, but I personally love the 50mm lens:


- A bit of compression, but not very much so. Perfect for environmental scenes without having too much information in the frame.

- Foreground (or background respectively) is not too sharp and overly distracting but still recognizable, especiallly using faster apertures like f2 or f2.8,  so it still helps getting a message across.

- Street photography with hyperfocal setting and gigantic DOF can produce wonderful results (depends on the ability of the photographer's eye anyhow!) but it's not for me.


Can I invite you to share some shots that show a normal lens producing some interesting shots and why?


Attached files show pictures taken during a 60 minute stroll at a horse fair with Sony A7ii and old Leica Summicron 50mm f2.


English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part.




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I don't agree with a lot of things you say and I'm not sure why you insist on including blurry objects heavily interfering with the quasi non-existant subjects.

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Some people have slow internet; we mustn't inconvenience them (prolly the same ones who are allergic to religion, politics and guns).

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Indeed, only a limited number of users worldwide will be using 4G on their mobile devices for instance, but even the percentage of Internet users that have a  fixed broadband connection is still less than half at best worldwide.

Note that for instance the USA comes in # 15 world-wide in broadband penetration, 32.6%.



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