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How about a thread sharing ND filter tips and photos?

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I dont know if this is the correct forum, but I wanted to share and learn using ND filters on digital M's. Please feel free to contribute:

Learnings so far:

+ "A" works ok.
+ I use a 67mm ND11 with step down rings for different lenses.
+ The effect is pleasing (at least for me)

- I get some strange flares on 90/4 macro, and sometimes on 50/2. Havent found the cause, but suspect light leakage in lens.
- The WATE filter adapter seems to have some strange threads, not compatible with other lenses?
 - If I use the WATE filter adapter on WATE I have to mask the small window in adapter to avoid flares due to ligh coming from behind the lens.

Here is a test with Hoya ND11 (-11 EV) on a 35/1,4 FLE on a M240 (aprox 16 seconds?). In heavy snowing:

L1009355 by Alf Sollund, on Flickr

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Hello Alf,


Nice photo.


Which aperture did you use?


Nice idea for a Thread, also.


Best Regards,





16s, f/8, 200ISO.


Sorry for late answer.



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Abandones house with ND11. 60s, f/5.6. ISO 200. The long exposure flattened the sea and allowed me to mask the upper part for 45s awoiding burn-out of the white montains.

Storfjord_house by Alf Sollund, on Flickr


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