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Stolen photo equipment including M lenses Voigtlander and Summarit-M

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Hi quys, sorry for off topic, .. on 11th March part of my photo equipment was stolen in Czech Republic /city Neratovice/,.. caused by my stupidity.. we where hurry to put children in the car seats going on family celebration and we were late, car was allready full of other items and the photo bag stayed on the ground by the rear wheel of the car ,.. please take a look at those If you are looking for some of these to buy in near future please look at those serial numbers. If you find it somewhere for sale please let me know (e-mail: dvorskym@centrum.cz). THANK YOU. Mark 


-body - Sony A7r II (ILCE-7RM2) - serial number: 5091094



Zeiss Loxia 21/2.8 - serial number: 51633451

VOIGTLÄNDER Nokton 35/1.2 II aspherical - serial number: 8330009 /incl. lens hood/

TechartPro adapter

Canon EF 85/1.2 L II USM - serial number: 45360

Canon EF 135/2 L USM - serial number: 124800

Metabones IV T adapter

Sony Zeiss Sonnar FE 55/1,8 ZA - serial number: 45715887

Sony FE 28/2 (SEL28F20) .. unfortunatelly don´t have a serial number

Asahi Makro-Takumar preset 50/4 1:1 ... serial number: 3397467 

Leica Summarit-M 75/2.4 - serial number: 4309530

VOIGTLÄNDER Close focus adapter Sony E (Nex) <-> Leica M) - serial number: 08412298


I wrote to Leica in Germany to list the Summarit with this SN on a "black"list.


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I m very sorry for this, you must feel horrible.

Maybe you can provide this information to the cameras shops in the city ?

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You have my sympathy - just the sort of thing I would do/have done. Regards, Ron

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Thx guys for your words, keep your eyes open in next months if you are looking for some lenses on my list. I had ID card inside the bag but the guy who took the bag didn´t contacted me yet. In the days I will have some leaflets with " lost photoequipment and information about high reward.." placed on paid places in my city + some are in the food stores. Maybe it helps. On the other hand the guy could be from other city only going through the city. I know the color of the car but and some police cameras maybe will be helpful too in police investigation. 


Added SN of Sony FE 28/2: 0180209

/can´t edit first post/



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