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LEICA M10 Camera VS. LEICA Q Camera - A Comparative Review

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1 hour ago, bags27 said:

I've had some moire with my Q, but not so much, so I guess it depends on subject/shooting style.

Why should you get the Q if you already have the M10? Well, you get a terrific EVF which might come in handy, and, again if you want, very quick autofocus, which is great for street shooting. I don't have--with my aging eyes, won't have--an M (though the M10 is maybe the finest piece of manufactured equipment I've ever held). But the Q is wonderful as a single travel camera.

 If you lust for the Q--which is an easy thing to do--you might want to wait 18 months until the Q2, which will have the (I'm assuming) Maestro III 48ish MPS sensor. That camera will print lovely images from 28 to 75/90mm equivalent and be a fantastic travel camera for the rangefinder owner who is used to pretty much that field of vision.

I thought I read a rumor that the Q2 will be introduced May ‘19. 6 months from now. I have at least 10% confidence in that date. 🤣

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I think I read that it will be announced next year


so I'm adding a year before it's readily available. But I bet I'm at the long end here. The SL2 almost certainly needs to be announced first--to stop some Leica owners from buying the Panasonic with 47 mps--a camera due out in spring. So I'm betting Leica at least announces the SL2 in Jan/Feb; followed by the Q2 with the same processor after that. 

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11 hours ago, carbon_dragon said:

Sorry I'm reviving this, but I'd really like to know how people compare these two cameras.

Ok, I feel this topic is interesting, even if you don't like the particular comparison video. Let's assume you already own an M10 and some decent lenses, say a 35/2 ASPH -- not Leica's best or most expensive, but a VERY good lens (or the 28 ASPH). 

Do you still want a Q and if so, why? What do you get with the Q that you don't already have? Those of  you who may have both, I'd like to hear the reasons you pick up the Q instead of the M10 when you go shoot something.


I've had the Q since December 2015 and the M10 (now M10-P) since it's release. I also own the 35/2 asph that you mention.

I use the Q as my daily carry and hence it's my most used camera. Very rarely do I leave the house without the Q. The Q is more versatile in many casual situations. For example, when I go out with friends for dinner, or when there's any alcohol involved, I bring the Q because RF focusing when drunk is nearly impossible LOL.  I feel it's the best camera to document my daily life and adventures.

The M10 gets used when I know the outing is very specific to photography.  For a short trip involving landscapes, architecture and family photos, I often take the 21 SEM, 35 CRON and 90 MEM. There are many situations where I take both though. For events and weddings, I often shoot with both the Q and the M10 + 50LUX.  And when I'm travelling for more than a week, I would definitely bring both.

I guess it depends which  camera suits your photography better. I consider the Q to be my main camera, and the M10-P to be a complimentary camera to the Q. If you are primarily a M camera user, the Q may not make much sense.

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My newish Q replaced by Sony RX1 mk II which whilst very convenient on account of its small size and high MP never really captured my imagination like the Q does. The Q produced better IQ despite having 22 MP less than the Sony. Selling my Sony i still needed a point and shoot with good IQ and so the Q was bought. I will use the Q any time i don't need a particular lens like the Noctilux and where things are not to crucial. If i really want to guarantee getting as good photos as I know how to take, I take the SL with M lenses. My MP-240 is kind of redundant now that I have the SL. 

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