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Possible to use rear dial for exp comp when in Aperture priority?

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Hey guys, in A mode the default shortcut is to use the top dial for exp comp, is there anyway to assign that to the rear dial as it feels more natural?



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No, not at the present time. 


I believe some have already added this request to the SL firmware wish list. No one outside of Leica engineering knows for sure whether it's possible with the SL hardware, of course. 


Personally, I prefer the top dial for EV compensation and wish the other option were available ... to move it to the top dial in Shutter priority mode with native lenses. With my Olympus E-M1, I can define which dial does what in each exposure mode. 

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    • By mp58
      I've noticed when using exposure compensation with the M10, often when i review photograph I've just taken on the screen, the exposure compensation information reads back incorrectly. If set at zero compensation (doesn't matter if it's set via the menu or with the thumb wheel), the screen will show it correctly.  If I set the exposure compensation to -0.3 or -0.7 (or +0.3, etc.), it will occasionally read correctly when I review the image, but most often it shows up on the screen as -3.0. Is anyone else experiencing this oddness? I am using the latest firmware, fwiw. I have searched the forum for any notes on this, but if I have missed something from others about this issue, apologies in advance.
    • By Na har
      Hi All,
      Is it possible to have direct access to exposure compensation (via rear click wheel) on a Leica SL when it is in Auto-ISO and in Manual mode with an M lens?
        I have the 2.1 firmware installed, and best I can figure out is that I need to press any one of the configurable buttons to bring up the exposure compensation dialog, and only then I can use the back click wheel to do the exposure compensation. For speedy operation I would like to go directly to the rear click wheel. Anyone know a way?    I'm guessing the two-press way is designed to prevent accidentally changing the exposure compensation, but sometimes one needs a fast way to adjust the exposure and besides I find the click wheel is rather well protected from accidental shifting.   When in auto-ISO, in manual mode and with an M lens it would seem the rear click wheel is neutralized?      Thanks for any advice...   NaHar  
    • By piblondin
      I like to have a -1/3 exposure compensation dialed in at all times. I find that it now displays "-0.3" in the viewfinder before it will show the shutter speed when in aperture priority or showing the metering arrows when in manual exposure mode. I absolutely hate this. I want to immediately see the meter reading, not my exposure compensation setting. How do I make it so that it doesn't display the exposure compensation in the viewfinder?
    • By hepcat
      I've been shooting away fat dumb and happy all these years letting the in camera metering on my DSLRs read and translate the exposure, either using auto functions or manual just like I did for years with film. Recently, I've read about ETTR (Expose To The Right) for digital and find the advice makes sense logically. I've run into some conflicting advice here and from other sources, and since this is a little outside my wheelhouse I thought I'd ask for a little M9-specific advice on the subject.
      As some of you may know toward the end of 2012 I returned to Leica with the M8 and now have both M8 and M9P bodies. As I'm continuing to get more and more familiar with the nuances of the M9P particularly. In my quest to use the M9 more effectively, I've read exhaustively about ETTR in digital and the recommendation in that camp seems generally to be to dial in about +2/3 exposure compensation as a starting point and then use manual for more if necessary.
      Then, in going through many of the reviews and suggestions specifically with the M9, I find that many users set their exposure compensation at -1/3 stop as their normal starting point for deep color saturation.
      So... hence my confusion. I've experimented a little with both and see some value in pulling the histogram to the left in test images I've done ETTR.
      So, my question is specifically about the M9 sensor and the way it responds. Is ETTR a better way to shoot with the M9, or does it not really make much difference, or should I be underexposing by that 1/3 stop? When folks talk about that 1/3 stop underexposure to deepen the colors, are they doing that for .jpgs rather than raw?
      I'm sure I'll be getting some conflicting opinions here, but that's ok... I'm really curious to find out how others of you handle this specifically with the M9/M9P and what has been successful for you. Thanks!
    • By ebenstein
      the m9 was reported to iso-less, as no matter in what iso an image was shot, a repair could be made in photoshop without degradation of the image. is this true for the M as well?
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