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A short set of photographs of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (the MACBA, excellently described in this thread).







We are lucky to live in Barcelona, which makes it easier to catch the best light for these kinds of photographs.


All shots were made using the M7 and a 21mm lens with stacked filters. This was Delta 100 processed in ID-11.


I have a difficult time shooting with the 21mm on the M7, as getting accurate framing with the external viewfinder is problematic. For some of these, I used the rangefinder to get the alignment as accurate as possible, but they still needed some slight rotation during scanning.

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Great images Mark. Love Barcelona!


Until I got a 15mm (voigtlander) I used my 21 Elmarit M extensively shooting architecture/sculptures and suffered with similar framing issues on occasion. The 15mm allowed more latitude and the ability to trim and crop for a sometimes better result. I also found that it allowed for some perspective control in PP when I needed it.

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Very nice.


I agree with you about the problems of alignment using an external OVF on a RF camera, especially with a 21mm lens.  RFs are iherently more difficult to align than SLR's which is why I use my EVF for more precise work (I don't have a DSLR but have an R7).  I too confirm where I want the centre of the photograph to be using the focusing patch of the internal viewfinder.  


Some of the external 21mm OVFs are more off alignment to the optical axis of the lens (not assisted by the hotshoe being off centre axis) than others.  Rotational errors are hard to correct.  In my experience the Zeiss 21mm OVF may be lovely to look through but the Leica 21mm OVF gives more precise alignment which is why I sold the Zeiss.

http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/167741-which-21mm-finder-a-comparison/ (useful thread incl #2, my post).




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Taken from unique angles, these are really exciting images.   I've experimented on this building on several trips with the 28 mm and get results  that suffer from parallax distortions.  Meier's buildings with their precise geometry are very difficult to photograph with the widest of lenses and even Nikon perspective correcting lenses. I'm enthusiastic about returning and trying to do some more creative takes like yours which are a bit less dependent on parallel alignment.  Nice job, thanks for posting.  Do you have you any shots of Mies' Barcelona Pavilion (some more challenging geometry) that you can share with us? 

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