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ELDIA thread : last pot-pourri.


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This is my last reaction to the suggestion of sharing more information about relatively unusual accessories, made by "ironinger" following my original thread on ELDIA. But before anything else, I wish to ask "ironinger" to excuse me to have named him "Ironmonger" in my first answer.

Let us come back to the real subject, and first talk about universal frame viewfinders.,

As from 1933, sport photography RASAL viewer was introduced. It was composed of two parts : the RASUK base for 3,5, 5, 7,3 and 9cm lenses, and the RAMET mask for 10,5 and 13,5cm. It was available in black paint or in chrome, and the RAMET mask was later offered with cut-outs surrounding the format frame.

In 1951, the generally similar ROSOL appeared, only available in chrome : it offered cut-outs for 50 and 90mm on the main frame, and an attached hinged mask with cut-outs for 85 and 135mm. The one I illustrate is a late version, where the 85 engraving is omitted.

Finally, I illustrate one of the only Leica accessories for which no code is known : the left-hand release. It was only available on special order, and three versions exist : the normal one for all screw-mount Leicas except the Standard, a model with higher support allowing the actuating arm to clear the shutter speed dial turret, and one for M-bodies with cranked arm fitting the de-centered release. I had the "normal" one.

First five images relate to black RASUK-RASAL; sixth shows both black paint and chrome versions, the last one having the newer cutted-out RAMET mask; photos 7 and 8 show the chrome RASAL alone; two following ones compare RASAL with the new ROSOL; and the last one is of the left-hand release attachment.









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Great summary Pecole.  Here is a single shot of my folding frame finders.  As noted the solid RAMET mask is the earliest. The last catalog listing for the RASAL seems to be 1943.  In 1953 Leitz had the ROSOL.  The leather case on the right in the photo is a RWBOO.


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A better photo of the major versions, solid mask, black mask with cut outs, chrome with cut outs, and the attached rotating mask.  It seems the RASAL also came in a soft deerskin purse.

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