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Feeding ducks and swans at Stamford Meadows, Stamford, Lincs., UK

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In 2014 I acquired a Leica 21-35 R lens for use with my R8/DMR - thus my 1969 Leica 21/4 R Super Angulon became 'redundant' and I attempted to sell it via the forum's Buy and Sell facility. Nobody wanted the lens even though it was listed at a knock down bargain price which took account of its 'Schneideritis' anomaly:





The 21-35R lens was sold in February 2016 to fund the purchase of a s/h Leica SL and 24-90 SL lens and some dental implants. I really miss using the 21-35R lens; I paid too much attention to SL reviews which hinted that its imagery was inferior to e.g. the WATE … but looking back at my DMR images, the 21-35R performed admirably: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/265811-leica-vario-elmarit-r-21-35mm-f35-lens-vs-two-other-brand-zooms/?p=3140660


In October 2016 I acquired a s/h Sony A7S for low light imaging when the need arose for a 21mm Leica lens - enabling the A7S to be used for Leica Society wide angle imaging. However, Leica R 21-35 lenses are now very scarce and very expensive e.g. the only example currently listed by a UK dealer is £1900. 


Thus the 1969 Leica 21/4 R Super Angulon was brought out of retirement and hitched up to the A7S. The Schneideritis has not become worse and it appears to have no effect at all on performance. 


Yesterday I used the Sony A7S 21/4 R Super Angulon combination in bright sunny conditions and was pleasantly surprised with the results:




Sony A7S, Leica 21/4R Super Angulon at f8 … Feb 4 2017 Stamford Meadows. Lincs.


i'm also experimenting with an even older Zeiss Jena 20/4 Flektogon on the A7S but cannot post the images here - but suffice to mention its imagery is excellent.


Both the 21/4 S Angulon R and 20/4 Flektogon will shortly be used on the Leica SL and comparitive images can then be posted on the forum … when will also include results taken with a Leica R 19/2.8 Mk II Elmarit and Zeiss Jena 20/2.8.


I'm glad that the Leica 21/4 R Angulon did not sell - the Schneideritis does not compromise its performance so it still has a place in my superwide arsenal.  


If you have not read the above link and are wondering what Schneideritis is - it's an accumulation of white speckling appearing inside the lens perimeter - caused by the lens' elements edge paint degradation. The paint is applied to the side edges of the lens elements before assembly. Whatever paint was used 47 years ago may have oxidised thus the resultant myriad of microscopic white spots.


The ancient Leica 21/4 R Super Angulon is still an excellent lens and a can be a very cost effective purchase for use with FF mirrorless cameras.  


Best wishes



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