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An incredible custom Hot-Rod

John Z. Goriup

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Drove to Los Angeles over the weekend to catch a Hot-rod show that's been on my to-do list for years, and to get away from the rain and cold, miserable weather we've been 'enjoying' in the Bay area.


At the Grand National Roadster Show I saw the most perfect, elegant, well-made, beautifully restyled and executed custom / hot-rod I've ever laid eyes on.


This jewel started out as a '51 Ford two-door Business Coupe, at the time the cheapest, most utilitarian entry-level car Ford made. The car was lowered, channeled (i.e. lowered on the frame ), the roof contour was slightly reshaped and rounded with the front and rear windshields canted at an increased angle, an entirely new front end was created, modern running gear with disc-brakes and independent suspension and coil-over spring/shock units was installed, one-off custom made magnesium wheels were added, a 368 cubic inch '56 Lincoln Continental motor was completely rebuilt to much higher specs and equipped with rare Hilborn fuel injection, and finally the car was finished in a most stunning non-metallic Porsche Slate Grey. The whole thing just bristles with excquiste details and detailing............in short, a masterpiece. It's highly reminiscent of the best of early '50s Italian sports cars by Pinifarina, Vignale, Touring - custom coach-builders who created the most beautiful Ferraris, Maseratis, OSCAs, Alfas, Fiats etc.of the period.


Simply magnificent.


Thanks for looking,



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