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What film do you miss most ?


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Kodak Tech Pan

Agfa APX 100

Kodak Kodachrome 64

Kodak Plus X

Agfa APX 25



There are so many dearly departed emulsions that if given the opportunity to resurrect just one, i would have a hard time choosing.  The hell of it is that Fuji Velvia 50 (in 35mm format) will soon be joining the film emulsion roll of the dead...

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Like the beautiful woman you fall in love with.  Time moves on, the years adding up, as you build a history together.  Slowly at first.  Then faster.  


Somewhere down the road your eye turns towards a young vixen.  Provia is her name.  Breathless and teasing.  And while you dance around like a couple of teenagers, that beautiful woman you once loved sits at home, rejected and alone.  


Sure, once the dalliance is done you'll come back.  But what you never realized is that what you once believed was your right, your inheritance... was walking out the door even as you returned.


Oh, to have one more year with Kodachrome 64...

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I never used this film. [Plus-X] How long was Kodak producing it ?


Not very long - just from 1954 to 2011. What's 57 years?


It was Kodak's little brother (ISO 125) to Tri-X, and roughly similar to Ilford FP3/4/4+ or other basic medium-speed 20th-century films. In its final years a.k.a. 125PX. Variants were available as 8mm or 16mm movie film, PXP "Professional" Plus-X in 120 or 4x5 sizes, 100-ft bulk rolls for 35mm, etc. etc.


Early packaging: http://www.thephotographyexperience.com/camera_photos/plus-x_box.jpg

Mid-life (1960s-70s) cassette: http://www.italianfilmphotography.it/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/PlusX-35mm-300x200.jpg


The maroon or purple "signature" packaging color migrated to the newer-tech TMax 100 packaging when it was introduced (but otherwise, quite different films).

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