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Is an E60 filter different than a regular 60mm?

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I'm in the process of ordering a APO Leica-R Elmarit 100mm F/2.8.  My understanding is it has a filter-size of E 60.  What does that mean?  Can I get a regular B+W 60mm UV filter or is there a special filter I have to get for this?


B&H sells Leica filters that are "E 60" but they're a fortune!  If a regular B+W works that would be a great relief.


On another related question, this lens was made in 1986, the first year they came out with this particular lens.  Should I get a UV lens or a clear lens, given that it was made when FILM was the only medium?  What happens if I got a clear filter, would I have a bluish color shift on a Canon 5DSR?



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E60 means "Einschraub 60mm" = screw mount

It's the common filter, You can use. B&W 60mm, no special one necessary.


I don't know if there's a difference between "UV" & "clear" filter, don't expect bluish colors.



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With this Apo-Macro-Elmarit-R 2.8/100mm which I use for decades, a filter (even the best one) would degrade more or less it's top quality.

So if it's not really necessary, do not use filter.

The first front lens is far inside, so no danger to scratch it.


And if you need one day the really nice Elpro 1:2-1:1 that screw in front, it comes with a screw in hood to protect itself.


Have fun with this excellent lens.

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E60 = Einschraub 60 = 60mm screw in filter = 60mm filter etc.

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