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V-Lux (114) read-only in USB mode, Read-write on SDCard?

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Seems that my V-Lux 114 is read-only when using the USB - PC connection, independent of the software used.
E.g. in W7 picture viewer, the delete button is disabled.
With the SDCard removed and directly connected to PC, all files are read-write.

This is not about single/multi file protection enabled on the camera itself.

My issue is that it is better to review and delete unwanted files on a larger screen than first importing them to PC and delete them there. Of course, using a direct connection with the SDCard removed from the camera is a solution too.


Does anybody know if the USB read-only mode is defined by design?

Is it similar on other Leica cameras?
Is there is a tweak to overrule file protection in USB mode?




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I don't know if that's by design since I've never tried it on my 114, but generally speaking it's far safer to delete files from the card while it's in the camera:  either from the trash sequence or by reformatting the card from the menu.

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