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M10 - the Image Thread


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Hello Fam, 

Just got my m10 last week and really really loving it. 


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M10-P  50mm Summilux
Swan On Ice - Winthrop, Massachusetts
1/750th @ F4.5
200 ISO
I have been reading the review comparisons between the M10 and the new M11, and how the M11 handles highlights much better.
Being an M10-P user I admit that sometimes the highlights blow out a bit too much. I try to under-expose just a little. The M10-P's highlight "problem" has never really bothered me too much. I think this photo showsa pretty good, consistent performance my the M10-P.

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5 hours ago, tappan said:

 I try to under-expose just a little. 

Wonderful Photo!

Your comment on exposure is spot on.

I’m working through the website…thanks.


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Taken this afternoon, M10, 35mm Summilux, Visoflex, in Miami Beach, Florida, then processed in DxO PhotoLab 5.  I mostly focused with my rangefinder anyway, just using the Visoflex to compose my images better.

Typical afternoon "walkabout", looking for interesting scenes to capture.  

Similar settings to what I've been using, but I bumped the ISO up to 1600, Aperture Priority, and I left the aperture at f/5.6.

Also trying out my new Leica Grip - if I knew how good it was, I'd have bought it two years ago!

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I love this picture for two reasons. First, because it was the first time I used the CV 35/1.2 III at 1.4 in bright conditions (thanks to a new ND 0.9). And second, because sometimes I practice Stone Balancing, it's like a meditation for me. And this is the first picture ever I took of something I created. Still a beginner, but I assure you it is pretty rewarded. 🙂


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Went out to test a few things on my M10, using 35mm Summilux, and got fascinated by this scene.  It's right on the edges of Biscayne Bay, and is inhabited by squirrels, birds, and iguanas.  Nothing really special to look at - but I enjoyed standing there, "exploring" with my eyes.

This was taken with the Visoflex.  For me, that makes it easier to compose, but it's not what Leica Rangefinder Cameras were designed for.

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While walking around with my M10, I found this "beast" of a vehicle sitting in front of a shop, with a "for rent" sign on it.  I thought all the details might make for an interesting photo, but I have no desire to own, let alone drive, anything like this.  Maybe when I used to live in Michigan, with nasty winters, things might have been different.

M10, 50mm Summilux, processed in PhotoLab 5, with a little cropping.

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