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M10 - the Image Thread


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View from a car park roof.

M10 + 90mm Macro-Elmar-M @ f4


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Gewitterstimmung an den Drei Zinnen, Sextener Dolomiten - Before the thunderstorm at Drei Zinnen, Sexten Dolomites
Leica M10 mit Zeiss Distagon 2.8/15 (codiert als Elmarit 2.8/28 - bislang bester Erfahrungswert), 2 Aufnahmen im Hochformat aus der Hand zum Panorama in Photoshop zusammengesetzt und mit Kanalmixer in Schwarzweiss transformiert, Feinschliff über eine Gradationskurven-Einstellungsebene.
Leica M10 with  Zeiss Distagon 2.8/15 mm (coded as Elmarit 2.8/28 as best value by experience), 2 images in portrait orientation merged together in photoshop, B&W-transformation via channel mixer and optimization of contrast via an additional layer with a gradation curve.

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Sometimes things happen very quickly, and I don't have time to spend fiddling with the camera.  This used to happen all the time with my M3, but I've gotten into the habit of using my M10 very slowly.  Then @jonoslack suggested a few things, set the ISO to auto, set the shutter to Aperture priority, and let the camera take care of those details. 

My building had a fire-alarm today, so everybody went out, then the fire department comes to check things over, and give us the "all clear".  I wanted to do something like what I did ages ago, when I was capturing news stories.  The photo below was the result.  I also learned another lesson - leaving a 35mm lens on the camera would be preferable to leaving my 50mm in place.  

This was my "best" photo, but thankfully nothing more exciting was going on, and I could go back upstairs and start preparing for dinner.

My personal rules - always have the camera handy, with a fully charged battery and an empty memory card, with a lens that is most likely going to be what I'm likely to use, and have the settings pre-set as @jonoslacksuggested.  Also, "timing" is everything, and try to think of the picture I want to take ahead of time.

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