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Where to host large formats and raw files?

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I hope this is the right place for such a question.

I happen to publish my pictures on ipernity.com, a reasonably-sized company who accepts full-format photos (of any size, up to gigantic panoramas) and basically any other format (DNG files, that even are previewable on site, but also texts etc.), allowing to view all fullsizes online while permitting their download only for those the author agrees on (a trick I didn't fully understand even now ;-)

It happens IPernity just declared they are in financial difficulty, and may close in the coming months if they dont't 'find a solution'.
As I don't expect they are going to double their ~3000 paying users, and various discussions about potential takeovers do not seem to converge, I have to face the idea that in a worst case things may indeed go wrong.

So, what I am looking for is a hosting service that

- must support any photo size (no '500pix' or those that seem to accept then resize)
- allows various licenses, including 'Creative Commons' ones
- does not belong to a planetary-sized company where I am a decimal within statistics in billions
- doesn't impose me to exhaustively fill up 50 fields, including categories I didn't choose, before uploading a single picture (like Leica Fotopark ;-)
- will not be free, which I accept.

I think this sums it all.
I have been registering on many sites for a couple of weeks -for nothing; indeed I didn't find yet a single site that'd feature just the first of the above points.

So, I must say I'll welcome all your suggestion with the most extreme interest!


Thank you,


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I think that Smugmug might come close, expect perhaps the file size which is limited: The size limitations per photo are 150 megabytes and 210 megapixels

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You are setting yourself some baffling and rigorous goals.


For example, you want a site that people can browse, but only want to give permission to select people to download a picture, it can be done, but to allow that they would get access to all your pictures. So why not just send them the full size picture via Dropbox and keep those on the site watermarked? You want to be able to host very large size photos, but on the internet nobody can see any subtle qualities in very large photos, so there's not much point. You don't want to be part of a large company, but you've seen first hand the problems you get with a small company. 


What you want is Flickr, and just use it as a browsing site, but you don't want Flickr because it's too big. So why not set up your own web site and make your own rules? There are many dedicated firms out there, one that caters for photographers and artists is Clikpic, and they supply tasteful modern templates that you just drop text and photos into. Other sites offer less tasteful templates. Of course setting up your own web site means you won't be able to farm casual browsers who may be trawling through photos on a very large company's web site, so exposure becomes a problem if you insist on keeping it small.

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Thank you very much for these ideas! I'm now trying Smugmug and Zenfolio (I already handle a small site, but what I need is seeing others and discussing)

Thank you again!

(I'll come back to check any further comment)


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(it seems I cannot edit the previous post anymore) -I'm now considering 500px too, where comment threads on photos seem more interesting... not converged yet ;-)

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