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Liebe Gemeinde,


ich habe über den Forumsgebrauchtmarkt einen Variosucher für die M verkauft. Der Verkäufer war zufrieden und würde mir gerne ein positives Feedback geben. Wie funktioniert dies?


Gruß Gregor

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Ich habe das noch nie versucht, aber mir scheint, der Käufer beginnt auf dieser Seite:




Dort die Rubrik "Feedback" wählen (links, eher unten), dann die Schaltfläche "Leave Feedback" anklicken.

Dann könnte theoretisch jemand, der gar nichts gekauft hat, auch ein positives Feedback hinterlassen?


Gruß Gregor

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Scheint so, aber beim Feedback gibst Du einen Link zum gekauften Produkt an, wie mir scheint. Da müsste ja sichtbar werden, wenn einer einen Feedback fälscht.


Ich bin mit diesem Teil der Software des Forums gar nicht vertraut; wir bekommen auch nicht viele Fragen zu diesem Thema. Im Zweifel mal ausprobieren und bei Missbrauch einen Moderator oder den Admin kontaktieren.

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Nach Rücksprache mit unserem Admin habe ich folgendes gelernt: Das Feedback funktioniert so, wie von POP beschrieben. Als Verkäufer muss man aber darauf achten, sein eigenes Angebot nicht vor der Bewertung durch den Käufer zu löschen. Ansonsten fehlt der Link, auf den verwiesen werden kann.

Aus meiner Sicht ist dies keine optimale Lösung. Die Löschung des Angebotes nach Zahlungseingang vermeidet ja unnötige Elektorbriefe und wird von Käufern oft als vertrauensbildenede Maßnahme gesehen.


Gruß Gregor

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Gregor hat Recht, finde ich. Hinzu kommt noch, dass die Post ins EU-Ausland mehr als eine Woche dauern kann und viele Anzeigen in der Zwischenzeit automatisch beendet werden.

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    • By strohscw
      So sehr ich diese Marke ob ihrer tollen Geschichte, Technik und Objektivqualität liebe und gerne mehr einsetzen würde, aber für den professionellen Bereich ist sie leider durch das schlechte Service unbrauchbar.
      Das Reinigen eines Objektives, welches mit 3,1 Arbeitsstunden a 149.- netto veranschlagt wurde, dauert über ein Monat !!
      Rücksendung erfolgt erst nach mehrmaligem dringlichen Anruf.
      Darum werde ich weiterhin für den professionellen Bereich die Japanischen Produkte bevorzugen, den die haben verstanden worauf es ankommt.
      Schade Leica!
    • By StephenT
      Hey folks.  I am relatively new to the forum and to Leica world, although far from new from this world!!  Senior citizen status is reluctantly acknowledged.
      I am building my Leica collection and just acquired a Leicaflex in beautiful condition, described as "Camera are perfect working condition, speed and meter are accurate, with macro prism screen, screen are clean and clear, but with visible haze,This will not affect your viewing or focus. "
      The haze in the screen appears to be cement deteriorating, but with the micro focus center dot, it should not affect focusing.  
      The shutter curtain is beautiful, and appears to be practically unused.  All speeds work and sound accurate.  Viewing though the back, the shutter appears to properly cover the full image area at all speeds.  The winding mechanism is smooth as butter.  The body covering is mint.  The back hinge shows many tiny bubbly spots under the black paint.  Mirror lock up and the self timer work fine.  The interior of the camera looks mint.
      The problem is with the battery chamber.  The center terminal of the chamber is detached and is rattling around loose.  It was obviously broken.  There is no way that the meter could have been checked, unless the damage was done by the person checking it - for example, pulling the tab up to produce more tension on the battery.  (Yes, I know that can happen - thankfully I learned that little lesson on a throwaway cheap body of a junk camera).
      My dilemma is this:  I have just begun my Leica collection (all to be users, not shelf queens) and do not know if I should return this body for a refund (only $110 purchase) or keep it and possibly leave neutral or negative feedback to the seller.  The seller states in their listing that they do not offer partial refunds - either love it or send it back at the buyer's expense.
      Given that these bodies are a good 50 or so years old, I don't expect a $100 camera to look or operate as if it just left the factory.  In your experience, should I expect to be able to pick up a Leicaflex in the near future for anything approaching this price, or am I better off keeping this one and continuing to be on the lookout for another one?  If I keep it, if it were you, would you give no feedback, neutral, or negative feedback on the transaction?
      I would appreciate your input.  I have learned a lot perusing this forum, and I am grateful for the body of knowledge and experience represented by its members.
    • By faranstudio
      My recent blog post and summarized feedback on the Leica S007 after using it for over a year, including my recent trip to Iceland with behind the scene photos. This review is mainly based on my own personal experience of using this system in combination of a few S lenses in the field. 
      You can follow my work on:
      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farannajafi/
      Travel / Architecture: www.faran.gallery
      Fashion and portraiture: www.faranstudio.com

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By DMarc
      I have been seeing some very positive reviews of the S007 in the last couple of weeks, but also a large number of critical comments and complaints about Leica and the S system. Coming from two years with an S006 and after a few days with the S007, I would just like to offer some feedback and advice to people who are looking into getting into the system or upgrading to the S007. For what it is worth obviously, so all “IMHO”.

      I have had some problems with Leica cameras and understand how annoying this can be, especially considering the cost of the S system. The day I got my S006 I went for a short walk in a park nearby and the camera got stuck after what must have been five or six shots. Having spent six months thinking about that investment, I cannot say how annoyed I was. I gave a call to Leica, fortunately found somebody still working at that time and we solved it through the phone (for some reason the mirror had staid locked in the up position). No issue after that with the functioning of the camera or lenses.

      I think that problems will happen and then the critical thing is how Leica reacts and how willing they are to helping us. At that price point and taking into account how they present their brand, I do not see any margin for compromise or disappointment. Hopefully they understand that.

      My experience in that respect has been an M body that froze and had to be sent back to Germany. It took them six weeks to get it back to me, but it had been fixed, cleaned, controlled and adjusted. I had to send my S006 a couple of weeks ago (small issue with a piece of rubber on the body) and it came back after a bit more than one week, again fixed, cleaned and so on. I can honestly say that I have never seen a sensor that clean by the way ;-)  
I believe that the dealer from whom you buy and who should then be there to support you is a very important piece of the puzzle. If you are lucky to have more than one dealer in your city or not too far, I’d recommend doing a bit of research and possibly getting some references. I am dealing with the Leica Shop in Vienna and could not hope for better and more helpful people to deal with.

      Now to the S007…

      I have read for a third time David Farkas’ review, after I saw a post where that review was qualified of “marketing hype” (or something like that). I know David a bit and am sure that he is always happy to sell one more camera, but, essentially, I came to the same conclusions as he did, with the caveat that I surely did not “inspect” the thing and its multiple aspects as deeply as he did. Also, I did not manage to go to Iceland in the last few days and cannot comment on the weather sealing ;-)

      My impressions so far, in a random order of what I noticed:

      > The first thing, by far, is the speed with which the camera can be operated. It’s not like a Nikon D4, but the improvement is very, very significant indeed and makes it more pleasant to use.
      > The white balance works fine and I end up with very little color adjustment, if any.
      > The continuous autofocus either does not work too well or my dog runs too fast ;-)
      > High contrast situations come out more balanced (metering?). Also, there is better ability to recover highlights and shadows. I do not know about the 15 stops of dynamic range, but there is an improvement compared to the S006.
      > As David mentions, the shutter has been improved and one can immediately feel the difference.
      > Live View makes a big difference to using the camera, for landscape for instance, and is well implemented in my opinion. I never needed the second battery with the S006, but I’ll get one when available for the S007, as Live View significantly increases the drain on the battery.
      > WiFi works without any issue (just need to select the camera as the WiFI network in use in the iPhone or Ipad).
      > I would not use ISO 6400, except in a bind if I really, really want to get the shot. The low light capability of the S007 is a nice improvement over the S006, but I was expecting just a little bit better.
      > Colours looks very natural to me: no issue I can see on a calibrated monitor. The Adobe profile looks more natural than the embedded one.
      > Some people have commented negatively on the speed dial now being blank and I expected not to like that too much, but in practice it is just fine.
      > One wise reviewer commented that the camera would be easier to use with 25 buttons as on the Pentax 645 and a tilting screen, but I am not a professional photographer and am not missing those features ;-)

      That’s pretty much what I can say so far about the camera.

      As to the lenses, I remember an interview of Peter Kalbe where the gentleman said the following about the quality of a lens: “the contrast has to fall off very fast in terms of depth of field. That’s it. That is the idea – and the ideal. The fall off has to be very fast! You point the lens and shoot, and where the focal plane is, the contrast should be high. The front and behind should fall off very fast.” Plus “Technically speaking, my interpretation of a good picture is: You get closer and you see more.”
 Suffice to say, the S lenses really drove that concept home for me.

      The one question left is the one of price/investment. I doubt whether anybody could argue that an S007 is worth (or not worth) three times a Nikon D4. The only thing I can say is that you have to factor in the cost of the lenses, obviously, but also the fact that once you are invested in a body and a few lenses, it is not so easy to get out (at least in Europe), as you would be facing a significant discount to sell the equipment. You can get by with the 70mm lens only, which is very pleasant to use, but adding the 120mm and one wide lens would greatly expand the possibilities opened to you.

      From my experience, reading all the reviews of David Farkas about the S system plus the ones published by Sean Reid would give enough reliable information to a prospective buyer. Better would be to have the camera for a few days for a test drive, but I understand that Leica does not allow that too often. Kudos to PhaseOne and their test drive program.

      I have found a few glitches and would be grateful if somebody could give me feedback or ideas of solution for these - not sure whether it’s me or the camera ;-):

      > I can’t make tethered shooting work (Mac OS, LR, Camera Shuttle, all last software versions). I see the PTP USB 3 Connection message on the camera’s display, the computer recognises the camera and can import the pictures, but I am not able to activate tethered shooting.
      > The manual says on page 31 that when in T (speed) mode “if 1/125s is set with the shutter speed setting dial, the camera switches to M (manual) mode”. Does not happen with my camera.
      > I cannot find the position of Flash speed sync on the dial. I have turned it several times around, but never saw the flash icon. I stopped turning the dial when my wife asked what that button is for ;-)
      > When switching from, say, ISO 100 to AutoISO, the camera does not accept the AutoISO setting immediately: I have to either switch it off and on or go to, say, ISO 200 and then again to AutoISO.

      Hope this all helps.

    • By iiblum
      Hallo in die Runde,
      Jetzt sitze ich schon lange mit unter dem Tisch ungeduldig zappelnden Füßen da und giere nach einer digitalen Leica der M-Serie.
      Da der Neupreis der M9-P trotz der Ankündigung der neuen Modelle stabil zu bleiben scheint, lag die Suche nach einer gebrauchten nahe, doch da finden sich nach kurzem Suchen sehr weite Preisspannen, die tatsächlich bei 2.900,- € beginnen.
      Hier mitlesend habe ich den generellen Eindruck, dass über tatsächliche Preise ungern im Klartext gesprochen wird, somit konnte ich mir leider keinen Eindruck über das Gebrauchtpreisgefüge bilden - aber mein gefundener Preis erscheint mir doch zu günstig zu sein, um nicht Misstrauen zu erwecken, oder sehe ich das falsch?
      Könnte es sich dabei auch um sehr gute Fakes handeln, die man erst erkennt, wenn es dann schon zu spät ist? Man kennt das aus dem Uhrensektor...
      Verwirrter und Kamerageiler denn je hocke ich nun hier und fange an, meine Findernägel anzuknabbern und bitte um ein Statement zur Beruhigung der Gefühlslage. ;-)
      Vielen Dank vorab und liebe Grüße,
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