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B&W Lovers, what do you do for shots when the Monochrom is not an option?


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A film camera, 35mm, medium format, or large format, is ideal, but I also use a digital camera. If you use digital forget the idea of 'greyscale' or setting the camera to do B&W (unless you also save a RAW file from which to work later), you want to keep the underlying image RGB, so use Silver Efex to convert to monochrome and in Silver Efex you can use the images colour channels to adjust the tonality as you would with colour filters on a film camera.

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Until one year ago I used a 4x5 view camera for my BW work. I also did occasional BW work with the M9, which I have since upgraded to M-P 240. One year ago I acquired a Leica S 006 and since then, that has been my main BW camera. It is not the same as 4x5 film, especially considering swing and tilt, however the tonality and image quality are excellent. I should also add that the M-P 240 is good for BW, but not as good as the S.


Consequently, it looks like I will not go for the Monochrom.


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Trying to replicate one process by the other is rather pointless.  Experience will tell you which films and developers and which post processing methods will produce the results you want or prefer.


It's only a dilemma when you don't know what you want to achieve or how to achieve it.

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