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Complete beginner "my first camera is the Q" help and tips please

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Starting to get the hang of lightroom now and Adobe PS in general, another 20 years and I should have it all sorted out. LoL here is a couple of before and after shots of some Yorkshire Beef.

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I am aware I'll expose an almost opposite position to all that was said up to now, but then again you'll make up your own opinion, maybe by counting the posters ;-) Like you I just don't have the time to hand-correct all images. I shoot with raw+jpeg by default. I consider Leica definitely has an excellent process for creating jpegs (which, additionnally, you can adjust in multiple ways in the settings), and my position, for the kind of picture I take, is that in 90% of cases the autogenerate

The image out of lightroom will look a bit flat with the default settings.   I've never compared it to the camera jpeg (I've jpeg turned off) so I can't give you a camera jpg vs lightroom comparison.   Don't think of lightroom as a "conversion" tool.   Import images into lightroom.   Adjust as you like (or not).   Print the images you want to print and export the images you want to post.  Or use one of the Publishing services.   You can export in several different formats, not just jpeg.   I

http://www.leica-akademie.com.au/downloads/photo-fundamentals.pdf   This is fairly epic for a to the pount introduction

Posted Images

I did not take these next 2 pictures, a professional photographer did these for me, just thought you may all like to see my Grill, that I cook the Beef on, of which I will be posting some of my food shots, as I practice and hopefully with some great advice i will continue to improve slowly.


Today I took a few food shots, and then decided to try a short video, I forgot to use Auto on the video so was all out of focus, just shows I don't take much video. Must try harder !


Hope you like my Grill.

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