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Bag for T with lenses and viewfinder

Ivar B

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Ivar, have a look at the peak design bag, my wife bought me one for Christmas and I went out with it today, superbly comfortable and accommodates 2 lenses, flash gun and a whole host of accessories




I previously had the Manfrotto Allegra 30 Messenger Bag which was superb but ached a little carrying all day long, thus why I changed to the Peak, which has a similar carrying capacity but appears a little more comfortable.




The Manfrotto came with an internal zip padded bag for the camera, whereas the Peak comes with really cool padded dividers.


I wanted something that wasn't leather and was relatively waterproof, both achieved my needs.


Hope that helps?

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I have the Peak Design, but am not overly impressed with the comfort or accesibility of it. 


I have recently tried the Crumplers and love them. the Roady 7500 maybe a little too big. 


I also have the Lowepro Sling (now on Version 3, but I still use the original) for my Micro 4/3 and it takes the Leica M with a couple of lenses too. 

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I use a Billingham L2 for my T stuff. It carries the camera with EVF and a T lens fitted plus at least one other lens and sundries. You can organise the inner chamber to your liking. Nicely designed with no zips, well made and comfortable to carry. It's a durable, top quality product. I attach an Avea 3 when I need a bit of extra space.

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I love the Billingham Bags and I bought a Billingham Presstop 106 Camera Bag, but blimey is it heavy or what!


I have to be careful as I have a triple slipped disk in my lower back and although the bag is build wise superb it is just too heavy in comparison to the Peak Design and not quite accommodating. I also looked at the Hadley Large Pro, but that will not fit everything in for me and weighs 1.64Kgs!, Next time I get a chance I'll take some photos of how much stuff I can get into the Peak Design.


The Peak Design 30 weighs 1.1Kg

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I need a bag for my T equipment - has anyone tried out the Leica System Bag for T/L - code # 18761?

I have this bag and I can tell you it's an amazing bag.

I just traveled to Florida and took my Leica T, EVF and the following lenses: Vario 18-56mm, Summicron 23mm with hood, Summilux M 50mm, Summicron M 28mm. On top of this I had the Leica T on the Leica original leather case and straps.

It's just perfect!



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I recently purchased a 1901 RF Fotobag. I ordered it from England and it arrived in a few days. It is all leather, very slim profile and is well padded. The price is 99 pounds plus shipping ( $120 + shipping ). I store my Leica T with 18-56 zoom lens mounted plus the 23mm prime and the 56-135mm zoom lens, batteries, charger, filters, et. al. Admittedly it is a squeeze, but I really don't take all that stuff when I shoot, so it is reasonably roomy. It is also very handsome and fitting for a Leica camera. See website image.





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