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White dots all over the pic - please advise


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Dear All,


Sometimes during the process in Lightroom the pic outcome cover with very small white dots all over the pic specially in the black colors. This effect completely ruing the pic. I know that it’s happen when the photo is too dark and I need to use the exposure hardly (not always), it is certainly not happening in all the photos that want through the same process. I thought that is a dust that cover my lens but I have cleaned very often without fixing the problem….


Any advice…. Thanks in advance




(I’m enclose a sample that maybe will let you see the problem )


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I'm no expert, but dust on the lens would not show up a clear white dots because the lens surface cannot be in focus.  Dust might show up as smudges.  The picture you attached looks like it might have been shot at a very high ISO because there appears to be a significant amount of noise.  If that's the case it there can be some pixels that get "blown out" and appear as white dots.  I'm just guessing.  I would check your ISO settings.

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Underexposing, extreme shadow recovery, overprocessing, too much clarity and too much sharpening will show noise this way. Noise as such is mostly created by underexposing and attempting to recover the shadows, not so much as  high ISO settings as such. Basically you are assigning very high ISO values to the underexposed parts.

Start by getting the exposure right in the camera. The Histogram is very helpful. Postprocess with a light touch.

This is not specific for a camera as such. One can provoke this on any camera.

If you want to try and save such a result you can paint in some gaussian blur on the affected parts.

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