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How on earth do I set up the iPhone app?

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Like most things it's easy once you know how to do it.


I've used this a lot and mostly like it a lot.


Install the Leica Q app from the App Store or when you connect by the QR code below it'll install the app at that time.


On the Q

Select WLAN

Connection - Remote Control

Read QR code with phone or go to settings and select Leica Q which I named below in the setup


NFC - off


CAMERA WLAN Setup: SSD / name: - Leica Q

Security - WPA2

Password - abcdefghijk


When I go to settings on my phone In the WiFi menu I see Leica Q as a connection. I choose that and input my password.


Then in the app I tell it to connect to the network.it searches my local wifi and sees "Leica Q" and I connect.


I then choose remote control and I see what the camera sees and I can control settings and initiate shutter.


The trick is the initial setup of Leica Q into my local network. I hope this helps. I confess that it is a bit fiddly.

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So on the Leica I went to WLAN: Connection-Remote control, WLAN mode-Create WLAN, NFC-off. In the next screen it gives me a QR code. Then I go to the app on my iphone and choose Connect via QR code, I scan the code and then click Install, click my passcode, click install again and then click done and it creates the network. The I go to the wifi settings on my iphone and choose Leica Q. Then go back to the app and tap to connect and it's done.


Now, when I finish I choose disconect on the Q and it does. However when I go to connect again it looks like I have to do the whole procedure again because the Leica Q does not appear on my networks list on my iPhone.


Do I have to follow these steps everytime I want to use the app because it sounds extremely painful.

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I confess that this is cumbersome setting up.


I just tried a new way.


I chose WLAN

Mode - Join WLAN

I then joined my home WLAN after putting in the password.


I then selected Remote control


I then brought up my Leica Q app and tapped the center portion to join the App.


It came right up. I selected remote control and I could then use the app to take photos.


It takes me two minutes max to get it going.


I think the implementation is cumbersome, but it does work for me. Keep trying and you'll get there.


Anyone else out there that can improve on my process? I'd welcome help.

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I chose WLAN

Mode - Join WLAN

I then joined my home WLAN after putting in the password.





That works well when you are at home and also lets your phone talk to more than just your camera.  It doesn't work when the only wireless devices available are your camera and phone.


My phone remembers the network set up so I don't have to scan the QR code every time.   I do this:


On camera: WLAN -> Connection -> Remote control

On phone: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Chose the "Leica Q-nnnnnn" network.

On the phone: Launch the Leica Q App; Tap to connect


That mostly works.   Sometimes the phone asks me for the password displayed on the back of the Q.   Some times the phone says it can't connect.   I retry a time or three until it does connect.


When I disconnect using the App my phone automatically re-connects to my house network when I'm home.

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