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Magic of Light Television: "What is Sharpness in Photography?"

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I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm looking forward to the frequent updates. Many people, on their websites/review sites, give their opinion on Leica cameras and lenses, but few have used Leica exclusively for as many years as you have.


Good luck with the future material.


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    • By willienelson
      I haven't used my Noctilux in quite some time.  I'm wondering if this is a normal issue wide open with point light sources or if there is something wrong with my lens.  I've seen it from other light sources like neon signs wide open at night.

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    • By shirubadanieru
      Hi everyone, I’ve recently acquired a Leica III and I’ve been enjoying this camera so much that I have not touched my M3 at all for over a month now. I was wondering if there are any Barnack Leica users here who could recommend me their favorite lenses for the system. I currently own: 

      - Nickel Elmar 5cm f3.5 (elmar, uncoated from 1933) 
      - Chrome Elmar 5cm f3.5 Red scale (coated from 1954)

      I’m thinking of getting rid of one of the Elmars (still have to decide which one) and get another 50mm that is compact / light but a bit brighter and a 28/35mm as well. 
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      Here's a new video that will help create M lens GAS (as if any of us need help in that area).
      The Art of the Leica M Lens with Peter Karbe
    • By Herr Barnack
      From LHSA, here's a short but interesting read about Leica M lenses and the optical engineering virtuosos who have designed them over the decades. 
      With tomorrow's coming announcement of the APO 35mm Summicron M, the world of photography is about to receive the next installment in this ongoing demonstration of (near) perfection.
      Why are Leica Lenses The Best in the World?
      The answer lies at the nexus of objective science, an enduring passion for excellence, and a lineage of inspired optical designers steeped in a great tradition
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