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35mm shooters: 18mm, 21mm, or 24mm as your single WA lens?


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Have a VC 21, but that FL is a bit too wide for my taste. 35 is also my FL of choice. Settled on the ZM 25/2.8. Feel like I can use this lens as an ultra wide and still get into a crowd of people without it feeling like it distorting the scene. 25-35-50 feels like a nice range.

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For me, 21.

It has been one of my preferred focal length for quite a few years, and before I get a RF camera.

I use the 21/2.8 ZM Biogon, but would love something more compact (at the cost of max aperture) if it was possible to find one that does not have severe issues on digital sensors. I expect to end up with a 21 SEM.

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My minimum travel kit is a M9 with one lens. That one lens is usually a 35mm Cron; when I expand to my larger traveling kit I add a 50mm (usually a F:3.5 Heliar collapsible) and an 18mm F:4 Distagon. These three pretty much cover anything I encounter. Given my experiences, the 18mm is the perfect second WA. Regards, Ron

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