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Red and blue

Shane Guthrie

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Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta 


Leica CL

Summicron-C 40mm

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That's a beaut picture Shane. Love the blue tones.

Is the CL a nice camera to use? And which film, if you don't mind me asking?


all best...


Thanks Dave 


Yes, I like using the CL. It was my first rangefinder and it has always worked well. I'm lucky that the light sensor continues to work, where I hear that others have problems with their's having died or not having the old-style batteries, which are no longer available. This means I haven't had to replace the light meter. It is small and fits comfortably in my hands, and is very light – easy to take anywhere. The light meter lever is a bit slow to warm up if it hasn't been used in a few days, so it needs a half-press of the shutter a couple of minutes before the first photo of the day to get moving. It's then intuitive, because turning the shutter speed dial with one finger moves the light meter lever in the same direction, and I don't have to take my eye from the viewfinder. It's quick and easy. 


The lens lost its rubber hood, and I have got a few interesting flare photos. The body dinged easily, but it was never there for its aesthetics. I have enjoyed it immensely. 


I wish I could remember the film; no problem asking, just a problem in remembering. This was 2010 or 2011. It's in a box somewhere, so if I find it, I'll let you know. 


I remember it was an overcast day, so I probably would have been using ISO 400, and most likely Fuji as that was the commonly available brand in Indonesia. It wasn't slide film, but it looks quite saturated. 

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