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How Do I Create a Photoshop Action

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Hi Everyone


I wondered if anywone could quicky and simply explain to me the process for creating a photoshop action in PS6 for Windows - I realise that there must be masses of information on how to do this on the net but would appreciate a quick explanation so I can set up a simple action and perhaps a pointer to a resource so I can look into it further when I have time.


What I want to do is:


1) Load a RAW image


2) Perform Auto Levels or Auto Contrast


3) Re-size to 1150 x 760 pixels


4) Save to Web and Devices


Thanks in advance


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photoshop actions tutorial



Keep in mind you will need to export as sRGB for Web and Devices. So convert to profile if you working color 

space is AdobeRGB or ProPhoto. Also set jpg and level of compression. Output folder selected or dynamic.




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Keep in mind that you can create a 'droplet' (from an action) which allows you to, for example, drop a file or a whole folder onto it. The later is great for batch processing. For one project, I processed 3,332 images in one morning that way. The droplet is saved and can be used as often as you like.


Many years ago I discovered that with a little command-line I could execute a droplet where PS existed on a networked server. I'm not sure Adobe was thrilled to have that become known.


(I was also an AppleScript enthusiast. It was an awesome tool to help clients avoid the many-step procedures.)

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